Spotify Wrapped – Your End Of The Year Recap

Spotify Wrapped is here for 2022 and along with giving your favorite listens for the year, it will also now factor in personality.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

spotify wrapped

Spotify Wrapped has released its 2022 Wrapped recaps which are twofold. First, it tells listeners what the most popular songs, artists, and podcasts were on its streaming service for the year, and second, it also tells users about their own musical tastes over the past year. This year, though, Spotify has included a few nifty upgrades to the Spotify Wrapped experience that should delight all.

Spotify Wrapped started six years ago when the world’s biggest streaming music service (by the numbers) started its musical marketing campaign as a way to bring in even more listeners. It worked because ever since the introduction of Spotify Wrapped, the service has seen its numbers grow and grow. The advent of Spotify Wrapped is one key way the music service is able to see exactly what the world’s listening habits are all about.


For listeners who wish to see their Spotify Wrapped results, they will have to do so on the Spotify mobile app, which can be had on both Android and Apple devices. Once there, simply head on over to the Spotify home page and click on the banner that says “Your 2022 Wrapped is ready.” Listeners will then be taken to their Wrapped results where they will be welcomed and sent through their entire 2022 results.

The whole experience will take about a full minute to roll through and listeners will get to see their daily moods, their top artists, how much time they have spent on Spotify, and finally, they will see their top five artists and songs on one page.


The first new feature Spotify has included in this year’s Spotify Wrapped is your listening personality. The whole idea behind Spotify Wrapped initially was making it about the listener, but this year the music streaming service has taken it a step further.

“The way we listen to music says a lot about us and your listening personality not only tells you about the music you listen to, but what that says about your music taste,” said Babar Zafar, Spotify’s vice president of product development.

Spotify Wrapped is taking a cue from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test by examining one’s listening habits and then offering the four letters than make up their listening personality. These letters/personalities were created by the Spotify Team and are intended to represent the many different aspects of the listener’s personality.

spotify wrapped

The listening personality one receives is made up of four metrics. These are:

Familiarity (F) vs Exploration (E) – Here listeners will find out if their habits are artists they are most familiar (F) with or if they instead sample a bunch of new music (E).

Timelessness (T) vs Newness (N) – Listeners will get to see if their listening habits revolve around the timelessness sounds of music from yesterday (T) or if they prefer to listen to brand new music right out of the chute (N).

Loyalty (L) vs Variety (V) – How loyal is the listener? Do they have their favorite artist on repeat (L) or do they rock through a bunch of artists before they hit the repeat button (V)?

Commonality (C) vs Uniqueness (U) – Is the listener like most listeners and follow only the most popular artist (C) or do they instead seek and find artists that are less known (U)?

spotify wrapped
spotify wrapped

Once the listener’s letters are presented, they will also be given one of 16 personality types. The following are all 16 personality types and after, we will give examples of how they were created.

The 16 are The Adventurer, The Early Adopter, The Deep Diver, The Devotee, The Replayer, The Connoisseur, The Maverick, The Fan Clubber, The Top Charter, The Enthusiast, The Time Traveler, The Musicologist, The Nomad, The Voyager, The Jukeboxer, and The Specialist.

Now, to find out exactly what each represents, head over to the Spotify newsroom and click on each individual personality. For example, clicking on The Adventurer card will reveal the letters ENVU (exploration, newness, variety, uniqueness) and inform the listener that they are “a seeker of sound. You venture out into the unknown, searching for fresher artists, deeper cuts, newer tracks – especially gems yet to be found.”

If the Spotify Wrapped personality trait delivered you The Maverick, it would include the letters ETLU (exploration, timelessness, loyalty, uniqueness) and inform the listener that they “know who you are as a listener. While everyone’s bathing in the mainstream, you’re frolicking in that sidestream.” This is a fun way that Spotify tells listeners what their listening habits are all about.


Another new feature for this year’s Spotify Wrapped is called Audio Day. Here Spotify will monitor users listening habits throughout the day and define said habits by morning, daytime, and nighttime. “Somber friendly” is just one of the morning listening habit definitions.

This final feature isn’t necessarily new, but it sure has gained in popularity. It is called Your Artist Messages and it was something that Spotify Wrapped introduced last year. The difference between the last and this is vast, though.

The feature is one where musical artists recorded thank-you messages for fans. Last year Spotify was able to convince a mere 100 artists to get involved. This year, Spotify now has over 40,000 artists who are participating.


Although Spotify Wrapped is advertised as a 2022 dealio, users should know the numbers presented do not entail the entire year, obviously. As it is, the Wrapped feature only covers listening habits from January 1, 2022 through October 31, 2022 (like it has for the prior five years). The reason for this, per Spotify, is because logistically it would be near impossible to gather all the data necessary to present it to users if they waited until December.


Along with listeners’ statistics, Spotify Wrapped also released its 2022 top rankings. Globally, the most streamed Spotify artist was Bad Bunny. After that, the top five looked like this: Taylor Swift (2), Drake (3), The Weeknd (4), and BTS (5).

In the United States, the top five had a similar feel to it – Drake (1), Taylor Swift (2), Bad Bunny (3), Kanye West (4), and The Weeknd (5). Both globally and in the US, the most streamed song on Spotify was As It Was by Harry Styles. The most streamed album in both the US and globally was Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti.

If you are one who is a frequent listener on Spotify, then Spotify Wrapped could be an interesting experience. After you check out the results, Spotify makes it easy to share. Simply click on the “share” button at the end of the Wrapped session and the result will go out to selected social media sites.