Is PS5 at Walmart Your Best Chance Of Getting The Console?

Is Ps5 at Walmart your solution to getting hands on this oft-elusive console? Let's dive into whether the store has what you need right now

By Rick Gonzales | Published

ps5 walmart

Everyone and their grandmother wants a PS5. Yes, everyone, we aren’t even close to exaggerating.  The problem is, it is easier to raise the Titanic than it is to get your hands on one of those elusive gaming consoles. Or is it? A PS5 at Walmart may be your ticket to gaming bliss.

The question you shouldn’t be asking yourself is why can’t I get a PS5. Instead, the question you should be asking is, how badly do I want a PS5? They are out there, make no mistake about it. But you’re going to have to dig deep into your wallet if you truly want one, so you better prepare yourself for a lot of sticker shock.


When Sony released the PlayStation 5 on November 12, 2020, it was almost seven years to the day since gamers had seen a new console from Sony. The PS4 was, and still is, one of the top gaming consoles ever released. So, the build-up for the PS5 was naturally out of this world and when they hit the market, they sold like hotcakes. Unfortunately, that stack of hotcakes was not enough for the hungry public.

There have been a number of factors that have contributed to the issue of finding a PS5. The main reason is the chip shortage that has handcuffed numerous companies, Sony being one. The chip shortage has put a massive crimp in the building of these consoles and while it has been a major factor, it hasn’t been the only one.

The COVID pandemic has not done anyone, anywhere, any favors. As businesses began to shutter, the production of anything electronic went away. People began to lose their jobs and livelihood, with the result being a supply chain issue that has crippled the globe. So, no chips to complete the PS5 consoles and no one to get the product, when available, from ship to shore to store. And when it does get into the stores, it is gone faster than baby formula on store shelves.


As we mentioned, you CAN find a PS5, if you’re willing to pay the asking price. Don’t go to the Best Buy website. Don’t go to Target, GameStop, or even the PlayStation websites either. You can head over to the Walmart website if you truly want a PS5 and chances are, you will find what you seek. Of course, this comes with a word of warning – take a deep breath before you start looking at the prices Walmart offers.


The first thing you should know is that Walmart does not set the PS5 prices on their website. Wait, let’s back that up a bit. When they get their restock from Sony, then yes, the price is set and the only fluctuation you would see is when they bundle the PS5 with a popular game or additional game controller. Other than that, the regular PS5 price remains constant at Walmart.

So, what exactly is the “regular” PS5 price? Well, Sony has put together two different console models. One is the popular digital model, where you no longer have to use a physical disc to play the game. You download it from the PlayStation website after you purchase it and you are off to the races.

The second model is the disc version, where you can do both. Play the game from a physical disc or you have the option of downloading the game like you would with the digital version. The advantage of that, which many people prefer, is that not only can you play PS4 and PS5 physical games on this console, but many of you still have physical DVDs, Blu-rays, or even UHD Blu-rays. This console can play all of those.

We spoke about the PS5 recently (comparing it to the Xbox Series X) so you can see the benefits of owning one.  They are truly amazing gaming consoles, a major upgrade from the PS4, and definitely worth the retail price. So, retail price speaking, the disc console with all the options sells at $499. If you are willing to forego the ability to play UHD Blu-rays, the digital console runs $399.00. These prices only hold firm if you are one of the lucky ones.

As mentioned, you can find a PS5 at Walmart, though you will be hard-pressed to find it in stock for the above prices. Instead, Walmart sells the PS5 through third-party vendors, and trust us, you need to be sitting when you are searching for those options. Because they are a third party, they can sell the PS5 on the Walmart website for whatever they feel the market will bear. Right now, they figure the market can handle a markup of anywhere from 42 percent to in some instances over 110 percent. Ouch.


The best? It could be the easiest option, without a doubt. We are not sure it is the best, though. There are plenty of websites out there that are wanting your business. The usual suspects (Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon) all try to keep potential customers informed when they plan on restocking their PS5s. You can go onto the PlayStation website and sign up to be put on a waiting list to get into a queue on a specific day, between a specific time, in hopes that you are quick enough to grab a console. For the most part, you will never be fast enough.

Does that leave the PS5 Walmart option as the best? At the moment, Walmart is the best option for getting your hands on a PS5. The least expensive price, at the moment, sits right around $742. From there, the prices rise dramatically, jumping to $800, $900, to $1,049.

So, how important to you is a brand new PS5? We are nearly two years from when they first hit the market and, according to PlayStation themselves, the chip shortage continues to hinder production, so don’t expect to see an influx of the gaming consoles in the near future. They will produce them as they can, but it will not be enough to satisfy gamers around the globe. They say they are shooting for producing 18 million units for the current fiscal year until March 2023, but even they don’t know if they can hit that number.

You can always try your hand at signing up on the PlayStation website. You can also do the same on Amazon, where you can request an invitation to purchase a PS5. For now, though, if you are willing to pay a premium, grabbing a PS5 at Walmart appears to be your best option.