Drinking Alcohol In Moderation Is Just As Bad As Excessive Drinking, New Study Shows

A new study revealed that drinking as little as one ounce of alcohol leads to an increased risk of death.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published


Most people think that drinking alcohol in moderation is fine or even healthy. Well, that is simply not the case, according to recent research. A new study has revealed that consuming alcohol in small amounts leads to an increased risk of death.

A recent study completely debunked the myth that alcohol consumption in small amounts is okay. The study looked at the drinking habits of five million people. The study also looked at several other studies to come to its conclusions.

Results of a recent study concluded that drinking as little as one ounce of alcohol a day for women and men drinking one and a half ounces leads to a significantly increased chance of death. This is shocking as the average glass of wine is five ounces, and the average beer is twelve ounces. It is also concerning because people who drink alcohol, even in moderation, often have more than one glass.

In all the studies that the researchers observed, all the results did come back with a sort of grey area. When conducting studies like this, people need to look at things like genetics, preexisting conditions, lifestyle, and more. Most studies failed to look at these factors and therefore produced results that were inaccurate.

Additionally, studies of the past overlooked certain reasons for the cause of death. As the most recent study observed a larger scope of studies, a bias was pointed out. As a result of all the flawed information gathered from observation, most studies surrounding alcohol are invalid and inaccurate.

This is a tricky subject as many people, like the French, consume alcohol on a regular basis. People even believe that alcohol consumption has benefits. French men suffer fewer heart-related health issues, and they attribute this fact to their daily wine consumption.

Alcohol, whether drunk in moderation or in excess, can certainly contribute to bad health. Drinking can not only make a person age faster, causing wrinkles and bad skin, but it can also cause a person to carry excess weight. Additionally, alcohol consumption can contribute to major health issues like liver disease and cancer.

Excessive alcohol consumption can impair judgment, leading to car crashes that result in death. Moreover, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to aggression, agitation, and violence. All of these things are bad but generally don’t happen when alcohol is consumed in small amounts.

When it all comes down to it, the saying that Benjamin Franklin said over 200 years ago is still true today. The only things that are certain are death and taxes. Sure, drinking alcohol may, in fact, lead to death, but there isn’t a single person who gets out alive.

A glass of wine, or two, with dinner won’t lead you to death; it is already inevitable. If you are one of the 2.4 billion people who choose to partake in alcohol consumption, it is best to do so mindfully. Regardless of the results of the most recent study, with all things, moderation is key.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and if that means sipping a spicy margarita on the beach, do it.