See Mercedes’ Striking New Electric Sports Car

Mercedes-Benz has a brand new electric sports car heading to the automobile market, and you can get your very first look at it right here.

By Joseph Farago | Published

mercedes benz logo

Mercedes-Benz continues its foray into the electric vehicle game with its new, innovative sports car model. A concept for the car company’s Vision AMG was released this week, which will be launched under the iconic luxury brand AMG. With many major automobile companies trying to elevate their products and introduce models that run on greener energy, it makes sense that Mercedes is attempting to cash in on the craze.

Mercedes’s Vision AMG will be a four-door coupe with a silver outer coat with teal finishings and a long wheelbase. Many liken the concept to a Formula 1 car, a well-established racing vehicle that directly inspired the EV. Both the side windows and rearview mirror will have the same silver paint coat as the car’s exterior, tieing the whole aesthetic together.

For Mercedes and its subsidiary AMG, the Vision AMG will be the first electric-vehicle sports car on its roster. The model will join the ranks of two other EVs released by the automobile company: the EQE and the EQS. Though many can assume it’ll have the quintessential sports car look, there’s not much that’s known about what features the Vision AMG will have. On its press release day, Mercedes didn’t announce any performance details or technological features that would be incorporated into the model. The press release did include that the Vision AMG would have an Axial Flux Motor, a specific type of EV motor that Mercedes has utilized in its previous electric cars.

Though the concept was released this year, it’s possible Mercedes’s Vision AMG won’t be available to the public until 2025. The goal for the company is to release the EV in three years, but it could take longer due to supply chain shortages. The car company invests considerably in futuristic, electric-powered vehicles, putting $63.6 billion aside specifically for EV innovation. The money has been used to ramp up construction for concepts to partnering with new electric-battery brands for the most recent, top-quality engines.

Mercedes has recently partnered with a battery company called Sila Nanotechnologies. The automobile company and the battery manufacturer are joining forces to create an energy-dense, lighter EV battery. This new battery would be made with silicone anode, a recent alternative to lithium, the go-to mineral for electric car batteries. Mercedes has tested out the power of this mineral, stating that its performance quality is better than the standard lithium-ion. After some studies, the company found that silicone anode contained 20 to 40 percent more capacity than the previous EV batteries.

Mercedes has enormous plans for a greener, more efficient future. The company plans to sell only electric-battery vehicles by 2030. Though it seems like a long time from now, the company has plenty of manufacturing to do before transforming its roster entirely. With only two electric vehicles on the market currently, who knows if the automobile company will be able to fulfill its plans.

If you’ve been waiting for a Mercedes sports car with an electric battery, you’ll only have to be patient for three more years. The Vision AMG will undoubtedly be a game-changer for luxury car fans when it is eventually released to the public.