Hate Your Signature? Here’s The Best Thing To Do So You Can Love It

If you are unhappy with your signature some of the best things to do include, hiring a designer to craft a customized stamp, or taking calligraphy classes.

By Wendy Hernandez | Published


Your signature is your personal stamp, a mark of your individuality that reflects you on paper. But, for some, their signature is a cause for frustration and dissatisfaction. Fortunately, there is a way for people who want to change their signature.

Priscilla Molina, a signature designer based in Los Angeles, is the go-to person for people looking to update their signatures. According to a recent write-up in the AP, which highlighted Molina’s craft, she offers options that include up to three methods of signing: unlimited drafts, a fresh set of initials, and a minimum of 300 personalized styles every month. Her prices range from $10 to $55, and her motto is “Where creativity meets legacy.”

Molina’s clientele is wide and includes professionals and celebrities looking for innovative methods to sign signatures. Yet, she keeps the identities of her high-profile customers private.

According to Molina, the biggest reason individuals seek her services is that they are dissatisfied with their signatures. “They’re dissatisfied with their autographs. They are unrelated to who they are as individuals. They don’t send the message they want to send to the world,” she went on to clarify.

Molina and other designers like her guarantee a variety of styles, including beautiful, subtle, dramatic, crisp, classic, artistic, condensed, curving, legible — or even illegible. The possibilities are endless, and clients can select a signature that fits their personality and professional image.

Redesigning your signature can be advantageous in a variety of ways. It can help you stand out, make your signature more legible, and create a distinct personality. Molina feels that a good signature is more than just a mark; it is a reflection of one’s personality and ideals. For this reason, Molina recommends customers take their time while selecting a new signature and avoid being overly judgmental of themselves.

If you are unhappy with your signature, know that you are not alone and that there is a remedy. You may update yours and create a personal stamp that resonates with your ideals and personality by hiring a signature designer like Priscilla Molina; however, if handing out your hard-earned cash to pay someone to create something so personal and unique is not to your liking, there are other options.

The first thing you can do is seek out a little inspiration by studying history’s most indelible and treasured signatures. From George Washington’s meticulous and mindful mark to Marilyn Monroe’s highly stylized and iconic signature that featured her first name, “Marilyn,” written in a flowing, cursive script. 

Another great idea is to check out the blogs and YouTube channels of writing experts and calligraphers. Lindsey Bugbee, is the artist and calligrapher behind The Postman’s Knock, a blog dedicated to teaching innovative skills and providing resources for learning modern calligraphy and art.

In one of her blogs, she provides amazing tips and even a tutorial video to help those who are seeking tips and tricks on how to revamp their John Hancock. Some of these tips include practicing and improving one’s handwriting, experimenting with writing your signature several different ways, and contemplating ways to make it pop.

In the end, improving your signature can have a big effect on how people see you in your personal and professional lives. A person’s signature shows who they are and changing it can create a unique personal stamp that shows what they stand for and who they are. Getting the help of a designer, practicing and experimenting with different writing tools and styles, and taking the time to make one that is easy and fun to sign are all great ways to improve your signature.