Best Piston Filler Fountain Pens

By Mahrukh Khan | 1 year ago

With the increasing use of technology, writing on paper has become a hobby, and the use of paper and fountain pens, especially, has been left into the previous decade. Even though the world has moved ahead, we still have people around with beautiful handwriting that follow the use of a fountain pen for smooth writing. To help you out to achieve similar results you need to have a good pen and this post about the best piston filler fountain pens will realize that.

Pelican brings you affordable piston pens fitting everyone’s budget. M200 might be a little costly, but it sure lasts for a very long time. Technically this means you are in no loss since you made a long term investment. There is a wide range in the products. If you need something in a medium budget, m205 is your best companion. But if you look for a low budget fountain pen to be given to a careless child or you yourself lose a lot of stuff, than TWSB must be your ultimate choice.


List Of Best Piston Filler Fountain Pens

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pelikan m200 review

I have always had the best handwriting in my class. Pelikan M200 fountain pen is my all-time favorite product. As a kid of the ’90s, I love to write and to be sure my work is presentable. I have a range of fountain pens, but m200 remains at top in the best piston filler fountain pens list. The fine nib gives you fluency in over writing. It’s buttery smooth that offers you beautifully engraved letters on your script. I mean, when I portray my thought onto paper, it looks so beautiful, and I miss out absolutely nothing, it feels satisfying. The best part is, I have seen no ink spillage at all. Pelikan M200 is very sturdy and a long laster. I lost it in my library last summer, big regrets!

The heavy metal fountain pens usually give my fingers pain after using them for long, because honestly, my thoughts have no limits, nor does my expression of words on paper. However, the lightweight m200 helps me fill up pages and still have no stress on my fingers or thumb joint.

The refilling is quite easy. You have to dip it into the inkpot color of your choice and pull the piston upwards. I have used it with blue and black, both inks, and it gave tremendous results. It has excellent capacity for ink storage; I usually refill it once a week only, even after frequent use. The cap screws tightly, which means my ink doesn’t dry, and I can ever use it one week later too.

A piece of advice would be to wash your fountain pen by soaking it in water for five minutes and then getting it completely dry. This way, you get the best results of ink, blues, and blacks aren’t mixed. Make sure not to leave any water droplets as they might make the ink lighter.

This product is available in another version too. The m200 black is very fine and classy with gold plated tip and better quality. However, the marble green m200 varies in size and quality but does give the same result on paper. This way, you can have a beautiful scripted sheet according to your budget.

I totally recommend this product because it gives you excellent results on paper and lasts for very long due to its fantastic quality. M200 is ideal for anyone who writes a lot and desires a good presentation. Totally worth the price!


pelikan m215 review

M215 Pelikan Classic has a beautiful appearance with a combination of black and silver. An immediate eye-catcher! M215 is one of the best piston filler fountain pens known. It offers a stainless steel nib, which means it lasts for longer due to improved quality. Some people have talked about the ink spillage, but that did not happen in my case. In fact, the piston filling is convenient for refilling, and I did not face any ink spillage. The writing came out to be smooth on the paper using m215.

The brass body means better quality than plastic and also environmentally friendly. Most people like a brass body for better grip, as they like heavier pens. People with a larger hand size usually enjoy writing with a heavier pen.

Moreover, the product offers a wide nib, which is considered as a quality for some people. There have also been complaints about nib skipping. In my opinion, if the issue stays as a constant, the nib is interchangeable, and you can get the one that suits you. Or there is a slight chance that you are not correctly filling the ink.

The excellent quality and soft nib ensure two things. It lasts for long, which means it can be used for years. Meanwhile, the soft nib means beautiful handwriting on the paper.

Compared to m205, it has a better look and a lesser price, which makes it my choice. Meanwhile, if you compare with M200 in green or brown, it an alternative for those who like heavier pens.


best piston filler fountain pens

As we grow up and enter teens, the pencils are replaced by pens. Fountain pens are the first to be given in place of pencils. These pens help to improve writing. For the first few years, the use of fountain pens is extremely popular and more beneficial. As a starter, an individual needs a low budget, easy to use, pen. TWSBI is an excellent choice for beginners.

It offers piston filling, which is screwed from an inkpot for ink filling as well as drainage. Due to the low price, you can confine each pen to separate colors of ink. This way, the inks do not have to mix when portrayed on paper. You even get the advantage of having all the colors on your script. Twisbieco has screwed the cap at the back quality, which means in the initial days of handling a pen; you are less likely to lose the cap. Also, it is lightweight, which is again useful.

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The teachers in school overload you with assignments. Little do they realize that as you have switched from pencil to pens, it gets a little challenging to complete the task at the same speed. However, TWSBI has this resolved. The lightweight enables you to write and write without causing any pain in your joints. It also has great ink capacity that lasts for very long. Again, the clear white plastic gives you another edge to monitor your ink storage status. The fine nib gives a beautiful precision to writing and to the artists who use this for drawing. As a beginner, your fingertips are ink-stained most of the time, but this does not happen with TWSBI eco.

Adding to the cons listed above, it gives excellent results on paper. It writes well and smooth. Also, with this, I believe the more you use the pen, the finer it gets, and the better you right. I have no clue if that logic makes sense, but a more used pen gives better results to me.

Some people had an issue stating it gives scratchy writing experience, but it did not prove to be right to me.

In my opinion, in the low budget provided up to $30; Twisbico is the best piston filler fountain pen available. Other pens in the series are available with a fine or extra-fine nib. You can decide as per your work and make the purchases accordingly.


I want to conclude by stating the main reason for the use of fountain pens. They give you a way to recycle pens. The escalating use of ballpoints made out of plastic only adds to more trash that is unable to be recycled. Meanwhile, fountain pens can be refilled with ink. They can be amended, too, by adding nibs or other parts. So one fountain pen usually lasts for long, thus it is environmentally friendly.