Ikea Christmas Tree – All The Options For The Holiday Season

The Ikea Christmas tree options include trees almost seven feet tall and ornament packs as well.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

ikea christmas tree

It is that time of year when important decisions have to be made. Does one get a real Christmas tree or do they instead opt for an artificial tree? There are pros and cons of both real and artificial, but for now, we are going to focus this holiday season on the Ikea Christmas tree and what they have to offer.

Ikea is a popular and sometimes affordable furniture and home goods store. It was founded in 1943 in Älmhult, Sweden, and from its humble beginnings has since turned into a global home furnishing giant. According to its website, the store “brings affordability, design, and comfort to people all over the world.” They do make shopping online or in their physical stores very easy.

With that said, finding an artificial Ikea Christmas tree shouldn’t be difficult. They have a few choices that can be found either in their stores locally or online where it can be ready for pickup or it can be delivered right to the front door. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


Vinterfint Artificial Christmas Tree (82 ¾”)

ikea christmas tree

PRICE$129.99 at Ikea.

This Ikea Christmas tree is perfect for families who love to decorate their trees. Tall and full-bodied, this tree will be able to hold many decorations and as it is an artificial tree, it comes with its own stand. Parents will love the fact that needles won’t be dropping to the floor, making cleanup a thing of the past.

With this Ikea Christmas tree, the main decision will be where to put it up in the house. When Christmas is over and it is time to take the ornaments off, the tree needs very little storage room as it waits for the next Christmas to roll around. Families will love this Christmas tree.

Vinterfint Artificial Christmas Tree (80 ¾”)

ikea christmas tree

PRICE$79.99 at Ikea.

What one will get with this Ikea Christmas tree is plenty of room for ornaments. What they won’t get is a mess. This artificial tree is needle-free, so nothing falls to the ground, and it also comes with its own tree stand.

Find the perfect spot for this Ikea Christmas tree and start decorating. After the holiday season, the tree needs very little storage space.

Vinterfint Artificial Christmas Tree (67”)

PRICE$49.99 at Ikea.

Not as full-bodied as some of the larger Ikea Christmas trees but this one does the job. Families will have plenty of space for their decorations after they find their perfect spot for the tree. There will be no mess and cleanup is a breeze.

This Ikea Christmas tree is medium-sized so not only will it not take up a lot of space in the front room, but when the holidays are over and it is time to put the tree away for the next holiday season, it needs very little storage space. As with all artificial trees, this one too comes with its own stand.

Vinterfint Artificial Christmas Tree (59”)

PRICE$24.99 at Ikea.

Another medium-sized Ikea Christmas tree that is priced right. This one takes up very little space while offering zero mess. As with all Ikea Christmas trees, they require little storage space once the holiday season is complete.

Vinterfint LED Artificial Christmas Tree (63”)

PRICE$63.99 at Ikea.

This Ikea Christmas tree just very well might be the best they have to offer. Not only do you get a decent-sized tree, but this one also comes with 156 LED diodes attached to it. So, gone are the days of tangled lights that one hopes all light up and heavens forbid if one light is out. Good luck trying to figure out which light is the broken one and even better luck trying to find its replacement.

So, find the best place to set up the Ikea Christmas tree, plug it in, and commence with the decorating. It is that simple.


You can’t just have the Ikea Christmas tree and nothing to go on it. That is, unless the purchase is the LED tree, then it is possible to get away with a tree and lights. But for the most part, families are going to want to also decorate their trees and Ikea has a few choices of ornaments and other goodies that will compliment the Ikea Christmas tree.

Vinterfint Glass Red Ornaments

PRICE$16.99 for a pack of 20 at Ikea.

We all know that the color red is synonymous with Christmas, so why not decorate the tree with red ornaments? Your Ikea Christmas tree will get into the Christmas spirit with these red ornaments. The pack comes with enough to fill any sized tree.

Vinterfint Plastic Gold Oranments

ikea christmas tree

PRICE$19.99 for a pack of 32 at Ikea.

Families will love this set of 32 gold ornaments and if there happen to be smaller children around for the decorating, do not worry about breaking these as they are made of plastic. Making the job much easier is the fact that all 32 of these fun ornaments come with their own plastic hooks as well. Decorating an Ikea Christmas tree was never so easy.

Vinterfint Red Birds

PRICE$6.99 for a pack of 3 at Ikea.

Because some people lie to hang birds on their Christmas tree? Why not give it a shot? These small red and black birds can give the Christmas tree some pizzazz.

Vinterfint Floral Pattern Ornaments

PRICE$9.99 for a pack of 6 at Ikea.

These are the perfect ornament for the Christmas tree. Small red and white bulbs with floral arrangements on them are a great way to say Merry Christmas. Each ornament comes with a ribbon so it can be hung easily on the tree.

Vinterfint Straw Snowflakes

PRICE$6.99 for a set of 8 at Ikea.

These straw snowflakes ornaments were created with Scandinavian tradition in mind. This tradition has been brought to the States and can be shown off on your very own Ikea Christmas tree. The snowflakes come in four different patterns.

We know there are plenty out there who prefer the fullness and wonderful smell of a newly cut fresh, real Christmas tree. Many family traditions call for that and we don’t blame you.

But if the family is looking for a new tradition, one that comes with less mess and less cleanup, one that requires very little storage space once the holiday season is over, and one where there is no worry about having to purchase a new (and very expensive) real tree year after year, it may be time to consider an Ikea Christmas tree.