Havoc Is Breaking Out In Airports And Aboard Airplanes Everywhere, See The Footage

Altercations aboard commercial aircraft and in airports have been on the rise in recent months, notable incidents include a shirtless man attacking a fellow passenger before takeoff and a woman at a Mexico City airport who became irate and started throwing things at workers.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

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Airplane violence has been on the rise recently, as a series of altercations between passengers have been captured on camera. A video of a man punching a fellow traveler went viral on social media, as viewers were stunned by the footage. The incident took place on a Boeing 777 operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines. The clip shows a man without a shirt standing over another passenger, who is seated in an exit row.

A minor tussle begins before the angry shirtless man throws the first punch. He then starts to repeatedly strike the seated passenger in the head. Other travelers rushed to restrain him. But it is unclear if he was arrested by airplane security for the act of violence. The altercation was said to be over a seat allocation mix-up, the New York Post reports.

Fortunately, the incident seemed to take place before the flight left on its journey. This is evidenced by the boarding music playing in the video’s background. Additionally, no one appears to know why the instigator of the fight was on the plane without a shirt. Since being uploaded two weeks ago, the disturbing clip of airplane violence has earned 120,000 views.

Sadly, incidents of airplane violence have become more common as people return to air travel following the global pandemic. In November 2022, a woman went on a mini rampage at Mexico City International Airport. She was seen throwing items at the check-in counter and attacking an airline employee, Fox News reported at the time.

The case of airplane violence began after the staffer refused to allow her on the plane due to her late arrival and expired passport. The woman reacted by hitting the employee and throwing various items from her luggage at airline workers who tried to calm her down. She was later detained by airport security while police responded to the scene.

Speaking about the airplane violence, a Dubai-based airline confirmed the cause of the chaos. “The client was denied the trip, and she became rebellious and physically abusive with the ground staff,” the air carrier told Fox News. “So it was necessary for airport security and police to intervene.” The name and destination of the woman were not been released.

Another airplane violence case was spotted in Australia when a disorderly woman ignored directions from staff on a plane bound for Melbourne. Jetstar employees called in the country’s Federal Police when the 42-year-old refused to leave voluntarily. Footage shared to social media, captured the moment she was forcibly removed, as officers physically pulled her from the seat.

According to the New York Post, the woman had been asked to leave the plane due to her level of intoxication. She was later charged with “behaving in an offensive or disorderly manner on an aircraft.” Airplane violence carries a significant penalty as it is a Commonwealth offense. If convicted, the 42-year-old will face a maximum fine of $9,480. She is due to appear in Southport Magistrates Court on March 20th.