Popular Ice Cream Shop Is Offering Cricket-Flavored Ice Cream

A german ice cream parlor is now serving cricket-flavored ice cream due to the inquisitive nature of the shop's owner Thomas Micolino.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

cricket-flavored ice cream

Did anyone have on their bingo card for 2023  “cricket-flavored ice cream”? Anyone? Well, if you did, you win! 2023 just began, and we already have an odd headline to make you say, “what?” And although insects are starting to be sold as an actual protein source in the EU, and a bit in the US as a novelty with an aim of reducing the need for animal protein, this ice cream is made just because we can.

According to AP News, a German ice cream parlor has expanded its offerings to include cricket-flavor ice cream. It typically sells strawberry, chocolate, banana, and vanilla, but Thomas Micolino likes to push the limits. In the past he sold liver sausage and Gorgonzola cheese ice cream as well as gold-plated ice cream. So, cricket flavor is definitely his brand. 

Micolino said that he is a very curious person and wants to try everything. He reports that he has eaten a lot of things, as well as strange things from around the globe. And, he’s always wanted to try cricket in the form of ice cream. 

Crickets may be frozen, dried, or used as a powder in the EU. In addition, the country has already allowed migratory locusts and flour beetle larvae as food additives. Are chocolate locusts next on the menu?

Micolino tops his ice cream with dried whole crickets after making it with cricket flour, heavy cream, vanilla essence, and honey. It has a “surprisingly yummy taste,” according to what he posted on Instagram.

Although some people are horrified and even upset that the inventive vendor is selling insect ice cream, the creative vendor claims that curious customers have generally enjoyed the new flavor.

Ice cream is popular all over the world. And the most popular flavor is chocolate. So, hopefully, cricket-flavored ice cream can overtake at least cookies in cream in order to get a bit more credibility. But, that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. 

No news yet if the cricket-flavored ice cream comes in a vegan option. As more folks try going vegan and adopting an animal-free lifestyle, vegan options have become popular. We now have beyond meat products that are seemingly fitting the bill for most vegans. And, ice cream is now possible. 

Although ice cream is extremely popular, unfortunately, just like other small businesses, ice cream parlors have recently gone out of business. Supply chain issues have plagued the food production network making raw materials hard to get–especially in small towns. 

Because 2022 was the year of nostalgia, Ben&Jerry’s launched an oatmeal cream pie flavor, but we’re definitely not ready for cricket-flavored ice cream. However, the rest of the world knows that insects have at least the same if not higher nutritional value than common meats like beef and chicken. In addition, insects are not nutritionally inferior to meat. 

Although some folks may feel that eating insects is, well, gross, insects are a staple in many diets around the world. And are consumed because they are tasty not just healthy. So, cricket-flavored ice cream really is a genius idea!