Cookies Created A Massive Traffic Jam In One Neighborhood 

By Joseph Farago | 1 month ago

cookie roadblock

Cookies are tasty, miniature delicacies. There are different versions of this sweet treat worldwide, with their own ingredients and decorations. When you look at a cookie, what comes to mind for most people is not its ability to cause physical harm. But, could an overabundance of them cause actual damage? Last week, this question was answered when a delivery truck mishap in Derbyshire, England, made a considerable cookie roadblock for area residents.  According to the police department, the truck carrying boxes of McVitie’s cookies lost control, throwing a significant portion of its cargo into the open road. 

The Erewash Response team decided to take the damage in stride, posting punny captions with the images of the released cargo on Twitter. “Please bare with us as we try to ‘digest’ this issue…” read the first caption, which showed the hundreds of boxes creating the cookie roadblock. The red-and-yellow boxes spilled out from the road onto the median, forming a diagonal obstruction on the highway. 

The cookie roadblock affected traffic going both ways, while the response team and police officers were left to clean up the mess. The boxes, filled with McVitie’s essential Ginger Nut and Bourbon Cream flavors, took more than a few hours to clear. Though the roadblock could’ve left officers exhausted or infuriated, the response team took the accident in stride. The Erewash Response Twitter encouraged people to respond with their own cookie puns, turning a frustrating mishap into a comedic one. 

With thousands of trucks transporting cargo every day, it’s reasonable to expect an accident to occur every so often. A cookie roadblock, though, is another matter. Though cookies causing traffic delays isn’t a typical headline, the United States had a similar issue back in 2018. Four years ago, a truck containing packages of cookie dough got dumped all over Route 17. This accident occurred during the hot summer months, which ended up transforming the dough into a sticky substance on the highway. ABC 11 noted that the outside temperature was only 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not hot enough to cook the dough on the asphalt.  

There was an even more recent cookie roadblock that happened in 2020. Unfortunately for this semi-truck driver, quarantine was not the only issue they had to deal with. The truck overturned in Cajon Pass, a mountain pass in California, which left 250 tons of cookie dough in the middle of the freeway. No injuries were reported from the crash, but all of the packages containing the refrigerated dough were spoiled. The cause of the crash is unknown, but fortunately, the littered cookie boxes didn’t provide any further damage to oncoming traffic. 

Even when times are tough, a cookie roadblock is thankfully seen as more of a humorous matter than a serious one. Expecting something as harmless as a cookie could cause such disastrous circumstances is not usually at the forefront of people’s minds. But thanks to the recent overturning of various transportation vehicles, maybe we’ll start to see cookies for what they are: a dubious yet delectable treat.