How YouTube Is Imitating Netflix

Similar to Netflix, YouTube is launching its own "Tudum" sound, which users can invoke as a cue to have the platform play three hours of news consecutivly.

By Alexander Scoggins | Published

YouTube is becoming closer to becoming like any other tv provider, along with many other changes to come. They have released their very own version of Netflix’s “Tudum.” It is an audio cue that you can say, and it will launch three hours of news, trailers, and exclusive clips from more than 70 series, movies, and specials.

This comes in the form of YouTube as a slick sound and animation. This was created by in partnership with Antfood, a “sonic branding” studio. It aimed to make something “human,” “connected,” “expressive,” and “story-driven” by marrying together various sounds.

YouTube said the 7th chord in the new sound bit “represents the way YouTube allows you to explore the things you really love.” Though YouTube didn’t come up with the idea and didn’t give it a catchy name like Netflix. They called it YouTube sound. Neither did they attach it to a special event.

There have been many changes to Netflix similar to this one as time has passed. YouTube has come forward to request that you pay for specific videos. This new cost has been locked behind its 4k resolution videos. Though it can be frustrating, it is a normal business practice.

Another few changes that have hit us at YouTube is the coming increase in ads. YouTube is planning on increasing its ads from one per video that is skippable to a full five that are no longer skippable. Generally, any ad you come across can be skipped after five seconds, regardless of how long it is.

This is changing as even the mass uproar over this change has exploded on Twitter. YouTube has not shown any backing down. It has, though released more information letting us know that in general. Ads will be about six seconds long. That is a total of thirty seconds and six times longer than we have had to in the past.

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YouTube has been under fire recently due to it allowing misinformation to spread. This is something that YouTube has managed to avoid criticism over for years, unlike Twitter and Facebook. It is also having difficulties with Roku as Roku attacks its parent company, Google, for requiring Roku to prioritize showing YouTube content.

They are facing very serious legal troubles ahead. To counter this, they are bringing two different ideas to the table. The first is that they will be creating a student-specific YouTube like YouTube kids. This new variant will be ad-free and available to students, though the content is limited to education.

The second idea is they are introducing their fact checker. This is primarily going to be first targeted towards the medical field. The videos can be posted by medical professionals that have a current and active license. Their YouTube account must be active. This action will help take some of the heat off YouTube for allowing the spread of bad information repeatedly.

This new system will fact-check videos and force the videos to the top of the search list as verified information. This will occur when an individual searches for things like “bipolar” or “cancer”. This extends to other medical terms as well. This is a huge improvement for the brand and its direction. There are exciting times ahead for this age-old media platform.