The Mini Van Is Making A Major Comeback?

Mini vans are making a comeback, find out how Volkswagen is leading the way.

By Crystal Murdock | Published

When one hears the word mini van, it automatically fills your mind with a mental image of youthful, carefree days being over. How does the child nursery rhyme go? First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage, then comes the dreaded Mini-Van! Well, you can consider that rhyme and a reason for the dreaded Mini-Van to be reconsidered with the latest, greatest Volkswagen mini van. With its new ID.Buzz, Volkswagen is aiming to carve out a hipper image for a car that typically wouldn’t turn any heads.

When you hear the words Volkswagen mini van, you think of the 1960’s vintage classic microbus style vehicle with the red exterior and beige top. According to, that is all about to change! The Volkswagen mini van is about to be completely transformed into a microbus of the century. The all-new ID.Buzz is slated to make its appearance sometime in 2023 and on dealership lots across the United States in 2024. The biggest change of all will be the fact it is electric. Have a look at the flashy car below.

volkswagen mini van

In today’s world, you don’t have to go far to find the latest electronic SUV or electric car. However, to find an electronic van, your options are limited. That is exactly the catch Volkswagen is looking for with its electronic version of its Volkswagen mini van. The ID.Buzz is slated to go on sale in 2024 and will feature a 77-kWh net battery powering a 201 electric hp motor with a maximum torque of 229 lb-ft. The electronic Volkswagen Mini Van will feature 2-row seating in the European model and a longer chassis and 3 full-row seats in the US Model. 

Now, to be clear, Volkswagen is not calling the new and improved rendition a mini van. In fact, they have touted it as much more than just a simple van. Compared to other electronic mini vans on the market, the ID.Buzz still has the 2 toned color scheme. They will also offer models with a single color paint job if are wanting to be less of an eye-catcher. Also, with a large Volkswagen logo on the front and the back of the Volkswagen mini van, it will be hard to miss or confuse with other electronic vehicles on the road. 

Moreover, the ID Buzz clearly has gone into modern times with a touchscreen in the center of the dash. There are also thin light strips on the base of the windshield, that when the Volkswagen mini van is in motion, serve as a heads-up notification system. Another cool techy but trendy item is the USB-C ports in each door. All shaped like a smiley face, perhaps paying homage to the van’s hippie roots.

The ID Buzz will have no issues when it comes to room for extra passengers. Unlike previous versions of the Volkswagen mini van, the center console can be removed completely between the front seats. Giving everyone plenty of room to move up and about.

The ID Buzz, Volkswagen mini van electronic version will still offer a flat load shelf accessory so you can throw a mattress in the back just like the older version for adventures while still having room for all of your camping accessories.