UQuiz – How This Platform Has Taken Over The Internet

What is uQuiz and how has it taken over the internet? You can now make your own quizzes on the online platform.

By Rick Gonzales | Published


If you are, like many people, tethered to your electronic device (i.e., the bane of your existence – the smartphone), then you have probably run across one of those weird quizzes. You know the type. Which superhero are you? How cool are you? What “Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place” character are you? One sees these types of quizzes across all types of social media. Do you ever look at them and wonder just how did they get here and who invented them? Well, believe it or not, there is a place to create these crazy quizzes and it is called uQuiz and yes, uQuiz users could also be the inventor of one of these quizzes.



UQuiz is a website that allows users to create their very own quizzes. But not only can they go there to create their very own, should users choose to, but they can also take one of the thousands of quizzes already posted on the website. Once users get to the website, it is very easy to navigate. You are given a number of choices on how to view the quizzes. These choices include Trending, New, Top Rated, Top, and Random. Users are also given the choice as to the timeframe of the created quizzes that go by Today, Week, and Month.

When one first reaches the website, the immediate placement is in the “Trending” section. Once there, users will see the quizzes that are more of the popular ones being offered on uQuiz. Some examples of these Trending quizzes are “Which Monster High Character Are You?”, “Which Greek God Do You Share Vibes With?”, “What Character Would You Be In Literally Any Movie?”, and “What Kind of Shark Are You?”


UQuiz makes it very easy to get started with them. If users simply want to take a quiz, just click on the quiz of interest and get started. If users aren’t sure what quiz to take, they can also use uQuiz’s search function and type in topics they find most interesting.

Now, if you are one of those who wish to instead create your own quiz, uQuiz makes this process easy as well. Across the top of their website, there are a few buttons. These are New Quiz, Plans, Quiz Maker, and Trending Quizzes. The one users would want is the Plans button. Click on that and you will be taken to a page where one can select what type of uQuiz plan suits them best.

Users are given two uQuiz plan choices. The first is their Free Plan. For no fee, you will be able to create a fun quiz for your own website in short order. All users need to do is sign up and they will have instant access to uQuiz’s quiz maker. This free plan allows for created quizzes to work on all screen sizes.

The second plan uQuiz offers is called their Pro Plan. This is where users can “take your quizzes to the next level.” If you have your own brand or you are a marketer, this is the plan users will want to have. It allows for a 14-day free trial before having to commit and once you commit, it is just $10 a month. The added benefits to this Pro Plan are many.

uQuiz allows users to generate leads by collecting email addresses at the end of each created quiz. Users will have the ability to link their website to the quizzes so traffic will come your way. At the end of each quiz, the quiz makers will be able to invite quiz takers to like their Facebook page and also follow users if they have a Twitter account. It is easy to customize the exact look on each quiz. They can choose their background images and can set accent and text colors. There is also the option to create an unlimited number of quizzes, both score and personality based. You can add password protection on each quiz and also specify just how many times a specific password can be used. Users quiz making experience, along with the final quiz itself, will have no advertisements on them.


So, how do users go about making a uQuiz? There are two types one can create – a score-based quiz and a personality-based quiz. Both speak for themselves in terms of what they offer. Scored-based quizzes are fun, but it is the personality-based ones that move the meter. Here are a couple of tips to consider when creating your quiz.

  1. Try to have seven questions as the goal – When uQuiz takers are hit with seven questions, with a goal to make a quiz quick enough to be completed easily and long enough to cover the chosen subject. Users may want to start by at least doubling the 7 questions and then start removing the ones that are not fun, not interesting, or maybe too difficult.
  2. Short and simple is key – The uQuiz questions created should not require too much thought. Sentences should be quick and easy. Most of the quiz answers should also be the same. One-word answers are fantastic but if answers have to be 2–4-word phrase answers, that is also fine.
  3. Try not to make the questions obvious – The key here is not to make your uQuiz questions or any of the answers too “on the nose.” Users don’t want the questions or answers to lead to a particular outcome, so you want to make sure there are a number of different outcomes that your quiz will find.
  4. Question order is important – Another consideration when putting the order of the uQuiz questions together, to start the whole thing off with the second-best question. Then keep the more difficult questions in the middle of the quiz and finally finish it off by presenting the best question at the end. Just a thought.
  5. Consistency is also important – By consistency, we are talking about the number of answers the quiz provides. You don’t want to have the first question give three answers and the second question offer four choices. Quiz makers want to make sure, unless it is a simple Yes/No question, that they offer the uQuiz takers at least 4 answers per question. So, if you are offering four, then the rest of the quiz questions should also offer four answers per question.
  6. An answer for all – This one may be one of the more difficult ones to accomplish, but it is one of the most important ones. Quiz makers will want to have answers that cover the complete spectrum of quiz takers. The last thing makers want when designing a quiz is to have answers that force people into choosing an answer that doesn’t work for them. Make sure the quiz answer options work for everyone.


Not much is known about the owners of uQuiz. What is known is the company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in London, England. The company, for now, is privately held and is small, with anywhere between 11-50 employees.


There are many reasons to head on over to uQuiz. The first being some of the quizzes being offered are fun and humorous and can be quite telling as to what personality type you are. A second reason is that by creating a uQuiz, users can advertise their business, it can bring traffic to your website, and quizzes can offer a fun way to do both.