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With the ongoing evolution of technology, E-commerce has greatly become popular. Not just popular it is essential due to the increased availability of web across the globe. This has also given rise to a number of competitors, you need to combat within your way with to outshine in the market. Therefore, to get a rank, innovative tools are required. Toonly can aid in creating an innovative environment, for everyone to enjoy. There are loads of topics not touched about this software so we decided to do an in-depth Toonly review.

Basically, most people save their time by watching a 2 min video than actually reading an entire advertisement or an article. It is a comprehensive way to deliver information, so the demand has been increasing at an escalating rate. But can you be creative with videos too? I was unsure until I found, Toonly.

As the name speaks for itself, it has something to do with cartoons. Well yes, it is a software that creates animated videos, with all the features you would adore. The best part is almost anybody can use it, no professionals are restricted for usage. Let’s get in a thorough detail before you make an amazing cartoon video.

Cartoons have a way to link to childhood, it is just not emotions. In fact, it’s a unique way to keep the audience entertained and engaged in a story and animation so that they watch the video till the end. One thing I also like about cartoons is you can bring the nonliving back to life and be all creative about it. Toonly has taken advantage of the following information to come with this software.

toonly review

Who uses Toonly and Why?

Toonly is used by a lot of professions and innumerable businesses to virtually present their motive in lesser time. Many advertisements are created through Toonly as it attracts a huge sum of audiences. It is also used as a tool of learning by Teachers since animation is retained in memory for a longer time. Companies believe animated videos give them more marketing and lesser support calls. Many online channels use animation as a tool for entertaining and grabbing attention. I wouldn’t say animated videos are profession-specific, anybody can use them to present things in a different way.

Why choose Toonly?

Easy to use:

The best part about toonly is that it is pretty easy to use, I mean you need no training or technical skills to start making a video. You just need a clear idea, and some creativity to start over. Just drag the options from the left, drop them on the screen and keep going on.


Most of the videographers charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for creating a 2-minute animated video and still they won’t make it up to your expectations. Isn’t it better to spend less than a hundred dollars on your own and get software, bringing your creativity to light? I don’t think there is a better platform for beginners and creative people to start.

Variety of tools:

In a few dollars you get a variety of tools for creating the world inside your head on the screen. The scenes, background, voice, and my favorite feature actions of the characters is available here. You can get them waving, dancing, flying, and rolling a ball or whatever you have in mind. It’s more of a fun experience than work. If you are lacking with time there are custom made scenes that can fasten up your work. You can also add your voice or choose from the music library, you can opt for fonts, and much more. But the good part is even with a variety of features, it is pretty easy to understand and use them in your animation.

Compatible with more than one computers:

It is convenient to download Toonly on your laptop as well as on MacBook. Not just this, it can be on more than two PCs at the same time making it easier and accessible to use.

Offline usage:

Sometimes, a few of us like working without internet distraction, or some people also have limited access to the internet. Thankfully, Toonly can be used offline.

Ease to Export:

Toonly comes with an option to download your video at low to high quality, in a variety of ranges. It is also shareable and compatible with many Social media platforms such as Facebook.

Money-Back Guarantee:

There can be a chance that even with all the attractive features that make your virtual presentation nice you don’t tend to like Toonly. If it is not up to your mark and doesn’t satisfy you, then the company returns you the money with simply an email with its 100 days money-back guarantee.

Additional Help:

Toonly has great customer Service. Any queries are answered online as well as with the Customer Service group on Facebook.

Some Drawbacks Of Toonly

Toonly offers you a whole world of imagination on your screen. However, it does have a few drawbacks I would like to give a mention to. Check some of the few cons in our Toonly Review.

No Free Trial:

It is kind of disappointing that it doesn’t come with a free trial as most good software do. But in replacement the 100 days money-back guarantee catches a sum of people to actually buy it and start using. And to most of the people, it actually serves really well.

Cheaper Version has fewer Option:

Toonly often comes up with its discounts and people avail it. But it has different packages, and cheaper ones offer a limited range of features and less variety of functions example smaller music library, lesser characters and everything lesser in number. That’s kind of bad. It’s is good for beginners who have just started to explore, but the ones in the business find the cheaper version with a lot lesser options than they would actually be needing.

toonly vs doodly

Features of Toonly Video Animation Software

The features of the Toonly animation software are remarkable, especially when compared to its affordable price. Below we will discuss the main options and features for our Toonly review effort. These features include text, objects, scenes and voice-over, characters, and transitions of Toonly.


So here we are. At first, let’s discuss the text formats available in Toonly. You will get only three formats of text. Yes, it a bit of like disappointment. But, the good news is, it allows you to customize your own fonts, and that’s great. Because most of the time, clients like the stuff in their customize format. However, in our opinion, the only three text formats can be a bit less to make creative cartoon animated videos.

But this is something that you will find in most of these types of programs. The text format will also be limited. And you will have to adjust or create your own fonts to create animated explainer videos.

Toonly Characters

Toonly review has to talk about its available characters. It has an awesome set of characters up to 68 different characters in the enterprise edition. These sets of different characters are enough to create a mind-blowing cartoon animated explainer video. Another prominent feature of Toonly is that it allows you to switch the actions of these different characters. Didn’t get it? Let me elaborate. For example, if you pick a character that is signaling in a scene, you can change it to thinking in the same scene.

But there is a little disappointed in that too; you cannot change the color or entire dress of these characters. Some other animated video platforms, such as Powtoon doesn’t have this unique feature. And being said that, the animated cartoon videos created in Toonly are much more engaging than the others.

Voice over in Toonly

In terms of voice over, Toonly has everything that you will need to create appealing cartoon animated videos. The feature that we liked the most in the Toonly is that after you have created the video’s first scene of your video, including all the settings, the Toonly will pick precisely from the same point where your last voice-over was in the opening scene. And this is a feature that is helpful for both newbies and experts as well.

Due to this unique feature of Toonly, there is no need to worry about the timing of the voice-over in each and every part of the scene. There is less and easy on your part, and Toonly does the tough job quite efficiently.

Transitions Available in Toonly

For intermediate scenes, the transitions of Toonly are excellent. These backgrounds and objects will keep the audience busy, and they will not get bored. Let’s check out in detail.

Backgrounds, Objects, Scenes

The bright and vibrant colors of Toonly are quite exciting. Especially when you compare them with the price of the software. This software allows you to choose any color you want to; they all are beautiful. But as they say, “the beauty comes with a price,” and here you will be paying the price. In this case, the price is that you cannot change or adjust the colors of the characters.

Overall, the backgrounds that Toonly offers are amazing. But it lacks when it comes to corporate backgrounds. A bitter truth! Most users and reviews have stated that corporate businesses and clients demand formal backgrounds, which is not enough in Toonly. But for most uses, these are sufficient.

So all said and done, text, objects, and backgrounds are always expanding and changing. All these features of Toonly are helpful for creating an engaging cartoon animated video.

Now let’s check out where you can use Toonly animated explainer videos:

toonly review

Where to use Toonly’s animated explainer videos

  • Home and landing pages Facebook ads
  • Social media
  • Video sales
  • Crowdfunding events
  • Product pages
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Email marketing



Do you keep an eye on your Analytics? Then you must have witnessed that half of the users on the website spend less than 30 seconds on a homepage. When they switch from your website without engaging, your bounce rate will be the rise, and you probably don’t like that.

By inserting a cool animated explainer video on your website, you can engage the audience, and the bounce rate of your site will be significantly reduced.

And because visitors will remain more involved, they will surely browse the other sections of your website.


If you want an ad that gets engagement and user’s attention, an animated explainer video is an excellent way of doing this. In fact, this method is used by most of the marketers today.

With Toonly, you can make engaging ads for Facebook in no time. Try this one time, and you will see the difference in click-through rates.


Animated explainer videos get a lot of views, with minimal efforts hence providing great value for your hard-earned money.

The user engagement on Facebook is much better than others. The videos are shared 12 times more as compared to text and links. And only on Twitter, videos are shared in about every minute.

This is the reason most people prefer animated explainer videos for social media. Due to high engaging value, these videos can go viral in no time.

So, take benefit from these and make a cool animated explainer video by using Toonly, then publish it on different social media platforms to get countless fans, followers, likes, and shares.


PowerPoint slides are no longer than beneficial, or these slides are outdated to generate sales in today’s world. In present times, there is a more appropriate way to generate sales, and that are animated explainer videos.

If you are thinking, why? Here is the answer. Because in explainer videos, you can combine stories, emotions, and characters to grab the user’s attention throughout the video.


Numerous projects are presented on Kickstarter; hence it can be tough for entrepreneurs to grab the attention of viewers to their particular project. This may lead to unsuccessful projects.

But do you know you can improve the funding results incredibly by just adding an explainer video to your fundraising videos? As per Kickstarter, an explainer video increases funding success rates by up to 50%.


Complex explanations are the demand for some products. For this purpose, animated explainer videos are the best and comprehensive solution as well. These exclusive videos are ideal for explaining products’ features in an entertaining and simple way.

Additionally, according to 60% of users watching an explainer video is better than reading out the whole product manual. With such a high conversion rate, one can easily understand the importance of animated explainer videos for product pages. And Toonly can create those in a much better way.


Most people don’t like to sit in a boring presentation or training for too long. And if they attend those boring presentations or training, their attention is much less.

But this is not the case with Toonly animated explainer videos. Because the Toonly explainer videos are engaging and fun to watch. These animated videos are also suitable for grabbing attention and growing learning retention.


A Toonly review has to include the email marketing aspect. Animated explainer videos are ideal to use for email marketing. And by adding these attractive videos into your emails, you can improve your results.

You can create such videos by using Toonly to describe how the product works, what are its features, and in many ways. You can even use these to reconnect your old clients.

Here is a tip. If you want the desired results, just use a “brand story” animated video in your email signature and see the magic. In a small business, an average worker sends about 40 per day so that you can get many new potential clients for your business!

How to use Toonly

As stated above, if you want a software that is easy to use and quick as well in creating attractive videos, then opt for Toonly. The usage is really very simple, even for beginners. Let’s see how you can use Toonly in this detailed Toonly review post.

To start, the first thing you will have to do is to pick a background or scene that you want to use.

If you are a beginner, just pick a scene that has most of the frames, and then add some customizations to it if you want.

Now simply drag and drop the images, characters, and audio that you want to include in your video. What’s good; you can also use the voiceover in your videos.

Just play with it and modify it as per your requirements.

Once everything is finished, save the video in your system.

Few unavailable options: 

Few things have been a little unpleasant about the related software, and maybe the company could work over it in the future. Syncing voice with specific animation is not possible. Thus you have to pre-record and then fix it with the animation. Moreover, it does not offer to export custom images on your own animation. When the logos are added, the size is nonadjustable. All of this restricts the users in expressing themselves fully. But hopefully, the company can work on these, making Toonly review FLAWLESS.

Toonly has greatly helped me to custom my characters and show my virtual presentation to everyone around. It gives me a freedom of expression and creativity to grab the attention and work on my agenda. It’s an amazing Software to explain things easily and in a much faster way. A definite recommendation to anyone who is filled with amazing ideas that need a medium to glow.

Toonly for Teachers

Let’s do Toonly review from teachers perspective. Toonly is quite a handy animation software for making creative, educational videos. Teachers can use Toonly to give classroom presentations or assignments. Not only this, but it is handy for school marketing as well. Toonly can create the best animation videos for educational purposes.

Teachers can use Toonly to explain different educational subjects with video in a more attractive way. It allows them to engage the students with various video assignments. Students and teachers can both create videos by using Toonly as it is so simple to use.

As we all know that animated videos are more engaging than PowerPoint slides. With Toonly, teachers can educate in a creative way by combining images, text, characters, and voice.

It also helps students to show their creativity. In this way, Toonly is not only for creating animated videos for educational purposes, but teachers can use it to improve students’ creativity.

toonly for teachers

Toonly Review With Competitors

We have to compare Toonly with other competitors and see how well it performs head to head with others.

Toonly Vs. Doodly: What Is the Difference?

Toonly review can not be complete without comparing it with the Doodly.

Most of you have heard of ‘Doodly,’ an animation software. This software is presented by the same team which created Toonly.

But both these animation software are different from each other, and their uses are also not the same. Many people think that both Toonly and Doodly are the same; it’s a misunderstanding.

Doodly is used to make whiteboard animation videos. The videos that have hand sketch animation for whiteboard, blackboard, glass board, or any other boards. You can’t use Doodly to make cartoon animations.

Where Toonly is used to make cartoon animation explainer videos. You can’t create hand sketch videos through Toonly.

Both Toonly and Doodly are excellent video marketing software, but the purpose of both is not the same.

By using Toonly, you can create animated videos with many different characters. With Toonly, you can work like a pro animator that can tell the story. To keep the users engaged, it has various visual elements and animated characters as well. So the user engagement is more in Toonly as compared to Doodly due to these animated characters.

With Doodly, you will be using an animation that has more text in the videos than the cartoon characters. So the videos are not that exciting to watch with just text on the screen. With doodling, the users are engaged by the through the motion.

Toonly vs. Animaker

You all know about Toonly review in depth by now. It’s time to see the Animaker. Animaker is also an animated explainer software just like Toonly. In fact, it is cheaper than Toonly as well. The pre-made templates are good, but they somewhat lack. And there are some other things as well to look out for.

As compared to Toonly, Animaker is a little bit difficult for beginners. Toonly has a lot more simple interface. The voiceover feature of Animaker is also as good as it is in Toonly. In Animaker, voiceover is created from a small collection of voices. So, most of the time, you might need a voice over artist for this purpose. In, Toonly user videos are auto-saved. Whereas in Animaker, there is no autosave function. This is another major drawback.

Transitions in Animaker aren’t smooth. These feel a little confusing some times. But that is not the case with Toonly. Similarly, the default themes aren’t the best, and the website of Animaker uses flash as the main ingredient. So it might get slow with the time.

Toonly vs. Vyond

Vyond and Toonly both have cool and exciting features that give your videos a professional look and feel. The templates in Vyond are just amazing, and you can animate the characters with ease. But as for the characters, Vyond is behind than Toonly. The characters of Toonly are not attractive. Similarly, the colors in Toonly are vibrant. The next big difference between the two is of price and its really big. Vyond will cost you much more than the Toonly. It costs around 89$. Whereas you can get Toonly in half of this price.

Another thing in Vyond that’s not so good is customer service. And if you need a live chat feature, you will have to pay more. The same applies to the Vyond forum. The discounts on Vyond are also not as attractive as they are in Toonly. But still, Vyond is one of the best-animated video software in the market and its comparison is must for Toonly review.

Toonly or Powtoon

If you are familiar with any type of video making software, then you will not have any issues in using the Powtoon. To be precise, it’s so simple to use due to the features (music, video footage, etc.) included in the platform. In this way, it levels Toonly. Toonly also features a simple interface, and so does Powtoon. So, where is the difference then? Here it is:

The characters in the Powtoon are good, but the best ones are only available in the Pro plan. And when we compare characters of Toonly and Powtoon, Toonly has the upper hand.

Similarly, the images collection is not that great as well. In Powtoon, you can access the images via Flickr Images, but the search results are not appropriate. So you will have to rely heavily on your collection. It is a significant drawback for such as expensive software. And when talking about the price, Toonly is much more affordable than Powtoon.

Another considerable difference between Toonly and Powtoon pertains to the audio editing. The audio editing is imperfect in Powtoon as compared to Toonly.

The usage of Powtoon is simple, but the interface is a bit tangled. Conversely, Toonly’s interface is smooth and quite attractive. And being said that, it’s up to you and your needs. Opt for the one that suits your needs and meets your requirements. In the end, it is the only thing that matters.

Is Toonly worth it?

Yes, absolutely! In this detailed Toonly review post you would have induced that already.

Toonly is the best-animated explainer video software on the market. Toonly is simple to use, you don’t have to be an expert to use it, and it can create impressive and engaging videos than any other software. Despite its drawbacks (which Toonly can easily rectify in updated versions), we will recommend it to create animated explainer videos.


Is toonly worth it