The Better Business Bureau Is Warning People Of A Company Called MyTechBestFriend, Here’s Why

MyTechBestFriend is not a registered school, it’s difficult to work alongside this company, to get refunds, to get work, or to get the services that were promised from this company.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated


The Better Business Bureau is warning people about an education service called MyTechBestFriend. In 2022, the regulatory agency received 25 reports of bullying, harassment, and plagiarism at the virtual boot-camp-style training facility. One of the complainants came from Modelyne Saintelus who is seeking justice for everyone involved.

Speaking to KAXN Austin, she explained that she contacted the Better Business Bureau to assist. Saintelus became interested in MyTechBestFriend after graduating college during the pandemic. At the time, she couldn’t use her degree in international relations because borders were closed. She found the virtual training service on social media.

“It’s a program that takes about six months or less and you can land a six-figure role in six months,” Saintelus told the publication. So she paid $3,000 to enroll at MyTechBestFriend. The program also sounded appealing to Charlie Howell, who wanted to boost her existing tech skills. After a friend vouched for the service, she paid $3,700 to enroll.

Better Business Bureau Senior Regional Director, Jason Meza says the average complainant paid MyTechBestFriend between $2,000 and $5,000. “Consumers are telling us it’s difficult to work alongside this company, to get refunds, to get work, or to get the services that were promised from this company,” he told KAXN Austin.

As a result, the Better Business Bureau started investigating MyTechBestFriend in November 2022. While it’s common for legitimate businesses to receive complaints or negative reviews, the non-profit agency started searching for a pattern of negativity that might indicate substandard practices or a seriously flawed business model.

Meza said the CEO of MyTechBestFriend did not respond to the complaints until KXAN made contact. Since then, the virtual learning institute said they will respond to concerns and customer complaints. “We are working with the BBB to resolve all complaints as well as the TWC to get in compliance with the Texas Education Code and any other relevant laws,” the facility said in a statement.

The CEO also said that refunds have been processed for most complaints and MyTechBestFriend is working to have that reflected on their profile with the Better Business Bureau. The Texas Workforce Commission (TCW) is also addressing the company’s failure to register to operate in the state. The government agency issued an unlicensed school notice to the facility on November 17, 2022.

Following the notice, the Texas Workforce Commission was informed that MyTechBestFriend will seek licensure. However, a spokesperson told KXAN that the school still hasn’t started the registration process. According to Meza, it is yet to be determined if further investigations will be needed by the Office of the Attorney General or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

To date, no charges have been filed against MyTechBestFriend by any law enforcement authorities. But the school currently holds an F rating at Best Business Bureau. This indicates that consumers should be cautious before using their services.

“Based on information submitted to us, consumers say everything that this boot camp promises, is not happening,” Meza told KAXN Austin. “And this is just one piece of the puzzle,” he continued about MyTechBestFriend. He cautions future students to do their research before enrolling with any digital learning institution.