Why So Many Students Have Starting Cheating At School And What One Teacher Is Doing About It

ChatGPT is an emerging AI tool that can write code, write essays and poems, and create ideas and more teachers are embracing it.

By Trista Sobeck | Updated


ChatGPT is changing the way we create things. The AI-powered model interacts in a conversational way which makes it possible for it to fix its errors and reject inappropriate requests. ChatGPT is also making it easy for students to cheat. The model can write essays and poems, as well as computer code. It helps solve problems and helps create ideas. But is it a tool or a terror?

According to NPR, so many students are using ChatGPT that one professor says cheating can no longer be banned. In fact, the professor at Wharton Business School is embracing AI and says that it is something we have to learn to embrace and work with. 

Ever since the AI launched in November, teachers have been raising red flags about it leading to cheating. And since students will use it at home, there is no way to stop it. (Pretty much just like asking Alexa to solve a multiplication question for you). This is just a million times deeper. 

One Wharton professor recently fed questions from an MBA final to ChatGPT and it passed with a solid B. This professor has embraced AI so much that he added an entire section to his syllabus on ChatGPT and AI–not just talking about it, but using it. 

The professor here teaches an innovation and entrepreneurship class. He says the entire class had ChatGPT up and running, asking for ideas and projects. They would then continue to promp the model for more and more ideas. The professor says that the questions and prompts only continue to make the model smarter and better. 

AI recently infiltrated the art world by users uploading images and asking the model to spit out a perfect image of them. The first neural network of the AI creates the image, while the second neural network judges its work to see how close it came to the real thing. This is just a tiny step away from an AI becoming sentient. It’s making a judgment call on what it’s doing. The AI is aware it is creating something outside of its self. 

The professor said he cautions his students that ChatGPT is an emerging technology and can very much be wrong. Users should continue to think critically and second guess that technology. In addition, in the professor’s class students must be transparent about when they have used the AI. If they do not disclose the usage, they are violating the code of conduct. 

Recently, a 22-year-old Princeton student developed an app that can detect if something was written by an AI or not. GPTZero was so popular the number of folks on it on the first day crashed the site. Unfortunately, cheating is nothing new. As students have paid to have others write their essays, they are now paying an AI. However, if a student does not perform throughout a class and then suddenly starts presenting work that doesn’t sound like them, a teacher or a professor will know what’s going on. The professor says we live in a world where AI is a reality, and we need to use it as a tool, not a crutch.