Taco Bell Bringing Back A Favorite Item To The Menu?

By Kristi Eckert | 6 months ago

taco bell

Taco Bell lovers might soon have reason to rejoice, for reasons other than their love of Tacos or Burritos. PopCulture reported that the chain might have seen the err of their ways after they garnered a ton of backlash from angry eaters when they removed one of their most popular menu items. Taco Bell could be working on bringing back their fan-favorite Mexican pizza. 

Taco Bell initially elected to remove the item in September of 2020 along with 9 other of its offerings at the time. They communicated that their logic behind the removal of the Mexican pizza, as well as the other items, was so that it could streamline its menu, which in turn would make it easier for customers to quickly determine what they’d like to order. To defend their decision even further they highlighted that removing Mexican pizza from their menu, specifically, would also serve as a benefit to the environment and fall in line with Taco Bell’s commitment to lessening their carbon footprint. They referred to it as a “silver lining” and backed it up with data that showed the packaging from Mexican pizza alone accounted “… for over 7 million pounds of paperboard material per year in the U.S.”

However, Taco Bell enthusiasts were not having it and remained measurably disgruntled over the disappearance of the item. Now, it seems as though Taco Bell executives might finally be relenting to the cries from its most dedicated patrons. According to The Takeout, a Taco Bell fansite called Living Más is alleging to have acquired a video that from a Taco Bell fan convention which shows Taco Bell’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mike Grams suggesting that reviving the Mexican pizza could potentially be a possibility. “If we’re going to bring it back, if that’s a big if, could we eventually maybe do more than just the original Mexican Pizza,” said Grams.

In the video Grams also went on to roll off a few of the possible new Mexican pizza options that could be available should Taco Bell decide to bring it back. He suggested things like double cheese Mexican pizza, chorizo, or even a 7-layer variation. Corroborating this information even further is what Living Más referred to as a “verified Taco Bell employee”. According to the fansite, this “employee” has a track record of being spot on with his Taco Bell insider info. The said employee has asserted that the circulating rumors are true and that the Mexican pizza is primed to make an advantageous return and they even threw out a tentative April/May timeframe for when that return would be.

As of now, however, any information pertaining to the much-desired return of the Mexican pizza is still just pure conjecture. The company itself has yet to release any official statement regarding the ultimate fate of the fan-favorite menu item. Still, if the rumors are true and Taco Bell is intending to resurrect the retired item, judging by the amount of hype being generated by the Mexican pizza’s potential resurgence, its return could serve to drum up increased business and beef up revenue for the fast-food chain. From that angle, bringing back the Mexican pizza looks like a win-win for both sides.