Electric Vehicles Being Outfitted With Entirely New Type Of Battery

By Trista Sobeck | Updated

solid-state EV battery

QuantumScape, a start-up battery company that produces batteries for electric vehicles, delivered its prototype to a number of automakers. This is the completion of a main benchmark for the company and it could soon add a new option of battery, known as a solid-state EV battery, to choose from, which could lead to less expensive cars, as well as safer ones. 

According to CNBC, the start-up aimed to get to this milestone by the end of 2022, and the company made its goal, giving investors a strong reason to believe they will easily make the next step. After automotive makers test the solid-state EV batteries, known as “A0” samples, they will start the process of validating the product. 

At this time, it is unknown which automakers got the prototype solid-state EV battery, but Volkswagen is a long-time investor. So, did Ford get any? We aren’t sure, but we don’t believe that these new solid-state EV batteries may be the ticket to expanding EVs even quicker across the United States. Ford is reportedly turning half of its dealerships into selling EVs only. This is a big deal, as some car companies won’t even offer EVs to a number of their dealerships. 

Even BMW has a large stake in EVs and is investing $1.7 billion in the development of electric vehicles. Soon, California will not sell any new cars that run on gasoline. The road to going full electric in America suddenly seems possible. And the new solid-state EV battery is accelerating the timetable to get to all-electric. 

The QuantumScape solid-state EV battery is unlike the current EV batteries, which are in a liquid electrolyte. In addition, the solid-state EV battery is smaller and lighter than current lithium-ion batteries and has less of a chance of catching on fire. EVs are becoming more and more reliable and are starting to go further on one charge. 

According to experts, QuantumScape worked for years in order to perfect its solid-state battery. The challenge is in its ability to hold up over many charges. Through its ceramic material, the new battery can stand up to at least 800 charging cycles. Although the company is hitting a stride, it won’t be ready to launch production-ready batteries until 2025. Unfortunately, the company’s shares were down 73% in 2022. 

QuantumScape says that its solid-state EV batteries will charge faster, go further, and operate safer, bringing the US closer to a lower carbon future. At one time, not long ago, the only EV was the Prius, then came the Tesla. As EVs spread to Nissan and GM, many brands have their own version of EVs. This helps the case for the need for a new type of battery. 

According to experts, the liquid batteries used in cars are in a flammable liquid that can trigger a fire. Unfortunately, the type of battery that is used in, for example, a laptop doesn’t have the range needed to travel. Current EV batteries do last for about 15-20 years. 

If solid-state EV batteries do not take on a stronger hold, the next alternative would be sodium-ion batteries. Sodium-ion batteries are an emerging technology with promising cost, safety, sustainability, and performance advantages over commercialized lithium-ion batteries.