The One Pizza Topping Americans Hate More Than Pineapple

By Kristi Eckert | 3 months ago

pizza topping

Pineapple has been de-throned from its place as America’s most hated pizza topping, at least according to one survey conducted by OnePoll. Food & Wine reported that Ohio-based pizza chain Donatos commissioned a survey that consisted of 2,000 respondents and revealed what pizza toppings are detested most. Anchovies came in first. However, pineapple-haters can still rejoice, as pineapple ranked just after Anchovies, followed by jalapeños. 

On the flip side, people were also more than happy to disclose what their most beloved pizza toppings were, as well. One might not be too surprised to learn that the first place rank went to pepperoni. The two runners-up were sausage and onion, respectively.  

Everything related to pizza toppings within the survey, in general, were divisive topics. Two out of three survey-takers said they would eat pizza more if there were a greater variety of healthier topping options. In fact, 81% of respondents said they considered themselves to be in the veggie-loving pizza topping camp, although one can’t fault them too much for watching their waistlines.

A total of 73% considered themselves meat topping lovers. Those meat-lovers who took the survey were even somewhat receptive to trying plant-based meat pizza topping options. Still, three out of four people remained skeptical and said they would only be open to trying a plant-based topping if they were confident that it tasted good.  

Additionally, the survey revealed more than just what America’s least preferred pizza toppings are. A whopping 94% of people admitted to having pizza within the same month that they took the survey. And with so much pizza on the brain upon completing the questionnaire it’s likely that those folks were more than tempted to down a few slices soon after, too. Although, 48% of people did declare that they think of pizza as junk food and 72% asserted that they would definitely eat it more often if it was healthier. Perhaps those folks should invest in a pizza oven and try making their own dough?

Intriguingly, respondents who answered all the questions felt that they were expert sources of information for more than just pizza toppings. Nearly 80% of individuals said they could tell anyone where to get the most delicious pizza around where they live. However, two in three people considered themselves to be all-out pizza connoisseurs no matter where they happen to be downing a slice or two. Speaking of devouring some slices, 72% of folks said that they could enjoy pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and never get bored of it, and almost half said pizza is the ideal leftover dish. 

Judging by the results of this survey, it is abundantly clear that American’s not only adore pizza and the toppings that go on it, they are obsessed with it. In fact, when asked what they would do to get free pizza for life people said they would agree to do things like text an ex, go without internet for a month, have every movie spoiled for them for a year, and eat food they absolutely hate. However, believe it or not, 33% of people said that they would go as far as to shave all the hair from their body, eyebrows included, in order to score a lifetime’s worth of free pizza. That is some serious pizza love.