Pizza Hut Is Offering Free Meals If You Mess Up Cooking Dinner

By Ryan Clancy | Published

pizza hut

While some people are natural at cooking a lavish, extravagant meal, most people aren’t anywhere close to being at Gordon Ramsey’s level. But as the holiday season is basically centered around food, and delicious food at that, everyone has to give it their best try (or buy in and pretend it’s yours, a tip from Khloe Kardashian.) And if you mess things up, no worries because Pizza Hut is here to the rescue.

From a recent survey, three-quarters of American citizens are more likely to try their hand at baking during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. While this statistic sounds promising, over half said it causes them quite a lot of stress, and frequently, what they have been attempting to make is ruined or inedible.

So for all you trainee cooks and food lovers but not makers out there, if you do tend to ruin Christmas with a box of blackened holiday cookies, all is not lost; Pizza Hut will save the day. Pizza Hut is giving away a Triple Treat Box for free. Completely free. A whole Treat Box.

For the run-up to Christmas, basically, December 1 to Christmas Eve, if you have ruined dessert by attempting it yourself and need something sweet sooner rather than later, send a photo of said ruined food to Pizza Hut’s “holiday rescue line” – [email protected].

You could receive the pizza chain holiday treat for free. One winner will be selected every day, depending on how awful the cooking disaster is. If you do not win that day, you will be automatically entered into the draw the next day. It is one entry per household, and to maximize your chance of winning, you can enter every day, but who is that bad of a cook?

From the same survey, the people who attempted a beautiful holiday meal and ruined it also stated that they wished they had ordered takeout instead of going through all the effort of preparing a home-cooked holiday meal. They said that is what holidays are about: spending time with loved ones.

The Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box contains two medium pizzas with one topping each, five breadsticks, and ten Cinnabon Rolls, which is perfect for a holiday night in. Usually, it is priced at $24.99, which makes Pizza Hut’s new offer to help disastrous cooks quite generous. It is only available for a limited time so keep it in mind when you are unsure about cooking the gingerbread men.

The holiday season is one of goodwill towards everyone and, most of all, spending time with your loved ones and family. Over the last number of years, that privilege has been taken away from everyone, making it all the more special now.

Seeing different chain restaurants and stores having limited offers like Pizza Hut that are not only fun but spread goodwill and taking the time to think about others. Even though they have had hard times like everyone else this year, they are keeping up the Christmas spirit and cheer. It is what the holiday season is about, after all.