The Heartwarming Way One Women Saved A KFC Manager’s Job

A KFC customer was accidentally given $543, the customer was honest and returned the money to the store which ultimately resulted in a manager being able to keep their job.

By Joseph Farago | Published

Last week, one Georgia customer was given a wad of cash with her KFC meal.  JoAnn Oliver ordered a chicken sandwich when she rolled up to her local chain’s drive-thru. When she arrived at her desk later and opened up her meal, she noticed an envelope beside her wrapped sandwich.

After further inspection, Oliver found that the envelope contained $543 cash. After her initial shock subsided, she began to count the money, realizing it was more cash than expected. Oliver waited for a police officer to arrive at her work so she could further discuss the puzzling matter.

Officers from the Jackson Police Department showed up at Oliver’s workplace and initiated an investigation about the misplaced money. They realized that one of the managers at the KFC location had placed their bank drop in Oliver’s to-go bag by accident. The employees were incredibly thankful for Oliver’s honesty and money return, which ultimately saved the manager’s job.

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The Jackson Police Department took to Facebook to exalt and commend the Georgia woman’s integrity and morals. The post applauded her for notifying the department about the missing cash, returning the bank drop, and protecting the KFC manager’s employment status. The Facebook post included a picture of Oliver, so people could know exactly who in their community was responsible for returning the $500.

The Facebook post documenting the situation has received ample attention, with hundreds of likes and comments. Most people left comments of praise and admiration, commending her swift actions and her ethical nature. Other Georgia locals offered Oliver free gifts or services for her honorable behavior.

WSB-TV later interviewed Oliver to discuss the KFC matter and her thought process. She told the publication that she and her colleagues were thinking about going shopping or using the money for their monthly expenses. But even though Oliver was running low on cash, she knew that karma would come back to haunt her if she didn’t return the funds.

Oliver joked with WBS-TV that her car’s gas tank was running almost on E and that she could’ve “kept a 20” to deal with exorbitant oil prices. Instead, the Jackson grandmother decided to turn the money in, which was far more cash than she initially anticipated. Oliver hopes that by doing the right thing, she’ll receive good fortune sometime in the future.

KFC is one of America’s most preferred chicken fast-food restaurants. Even though its incredibly popular, its presence has often been limited on certain food delivery apps. This past week, the chain was finally added to Uber Eats’ roster, appeasing drumstick fans nationwide.

The announcement was made by releasing a video where Australian rapper G-Flip plays the drums with literal chicken drumsticks. At the beginning of the ad, the chicken is delivered via an Uber Eats paper bag. G-Flip pulls out the drumsticks and immediately starts hammering the kit with them, signifying the inclusion of KFC on the Uber Eats platform.

KFC Australia chief marketing officer Sally Spriggs said the collaboration with the Australian musician shouldn’t surprise fans. According to Spriggs, the fried chicken chain has always supported “Aussie music” and wanted to partner with G-Flip to show their dedication to the country’s art scene.