Are Nixon Watches Good?

Nixon watches offer to make life elegant and classier. Mostly, intended for those who love to surf, hike or even joke because they sure have a very sporty element to them. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be worn on formal occasions because what’s a brand good for if it doesn’t produce all the designs for its customers. There are a number of Nixon watches that have a very formal look to them for a more elegant environment. And in some models, you are able to customize the watch exactly according to your own preferences. So are Nixon watches good and worth buying? Of course, if you want variety and class at the same time.

The story of Nixon Watches

The brand was founded in 1997 by Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna and the goal of the brand initially was to create the watch that reflects the 90s youth. In 2012, after a lot of struggle and after coming a long way, Nixon became an independent brand and marked itself on the market as one of the most affordable yet the most reliable brands in the business.

Are Nixon Watches Good?

Are Nixon Watches good?

To answer this question, Nixon watches bridge the gap between the small, cheap watches which are a total rip off and overpriced, luxurious watches which are worn just to impress the people around themselves that only sometimes serve as a tangentially reliable timepiece.

If there is anything that I have learned about Nixon after being their customer for almost more than 5 years is that the watch will be reliable, no matter what. I have myself owned a Nixon for 10 years and wore it almost daily. I’ve hiked, surfed and bummed around in a town but this watch just doesn’t give up on me. Of course, I have had other luxurious watches along the way but since Nixon isn’t a huge investment, I’d recommend you to buy one or two of these for your formal and sporty occasions.

It provides a two-year guarantee against defects in material or craftsmanship of the watch which builds trust on its customers. You can also contact the customer service directly if you need to ask something.

are nixon watches worth the money



  • They offer a wide range of styles for every mood and occasion.
  • Most of the watches are water resistant.
  • Most Nixon watches offer a very heavy and detailed design.


  • Many models are designed to fit a standard wrist.
  • Some of the scratch-resistant watches are made up of mineral glass.

Nixon Watches For All

These watches mainly feature Quartz watches which tell the accuracy of the watch, not just the accuracy, and the fashion watches have a broad variety of watches to select from. There is no denying of the accuracy of the watch and the fact that there is literally something for every taste and style, is just a cherry on top.

  • Nixon Men Chronograph Watch

If you are looking for something which is a perfect blend of boldness and stylishness, then you are the right page. This Chronograph is for you.

The whole watch is made from brass material with a round dial and the analog display with Japanese movement. There are three sub dials which further gives the seconds, hours and minutes. A small display of a date is a must if you are someone like me.

Overall, with the best material and wonderful look, this watch is a must buy.

nixon mens chronograph watch review

  • Nixon Men Corporal Watch

This wrist watch provides you the best aesthetics, detailed design and the boldness you feel when wearing a watch, this watch is perfect for every occasion, formal or informal.

As far as the look and style are concerned, this watch is the best option for that. The band is made up of stainless steel with a clasp for adjustable closure.

Even though this watch has some drawbacks like there is no date indicator or less visibility in the dark, but this is the best option for the people who always like wearing a fashionable watch.

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  • The Cannon Watch

Keeping in mind the affordability of the watch, this might be your safe way out with the best design. For those people who don’t like the pitch black on their wrist to show off the time, this watch is for them.

With an exceptionally stylish round, metal dial and d stainless steel band, this watch is winning in the market. The wonderfully stylish look of the wristwatch is the main reason this watch is going places.

And not to forget about the compliments you are going to get on this sleek, elegant looking watch because hey, who doesn’t like compliments?

canon nixon watches review

  • Nixon Quatro Men’s Watch

If you have gotten bored of the same old round dial, then this square, metal dialed wristwatch is the perfect buy for you. The very simple, yet the sleekest model you can imagine. Not to mention the color and design of the watch.

The watch is water resistant which means you get to enjoy underwater too.

nixon quatro mens watch review

Final Thoughts: Are Nixon Watches Good

Go ahead and choose a rugged, metal, hard dialed watch if you want to go swimming, hiking or cycling with this watch. Or get the best analog Nixon with a black dial and a colored band to uplift your outfit for the meeting by 100% or need to add grace to your attire. Either way, I don’t think there is any other option than counting on a Nixon for a long term relationship with a watch. The past success and reliability have ensured the customers of its high quality.

Would I recommend it to people? Are Nixon watches good? Are they affordable?

When all the answers are positive, you are smart enough to know what you have to do.


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