The States With The Most Expensive Pizza, Hint: It’s Not New York

You'll pay the most for pizza in Oregon, followed by Washington and Illinois.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

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Oregon has the most expensive pizza in the United States. The revelation was made by Slice, a technology platform that powers America’s largest network of pizzerias. In honor of National Pizza Day on February 9th, the company released its annual Slice of the Union report which examined the data and munched the numbers to determine America’s pizza-eating habits.

After analyzing orders from 19,000 independent eateries, the pizza delivery app found that the average cost can differ by up to $14. With Oregon being the most expensive, the study also revealed that the average cost of a large cheese pizza is $17.81. The price of the same item from an indie pizzeria jumped from $16.74 in 2021 to $17.81 in 2022. That’s an increase of 6.4%.

The price of Oregon’s most expensive pizza is $26.94, followed by Washington and Illinois at $23.34 and $22.52 respectively. The price tag in Alaska is $21.74 and $21.23 in Colorado. The five states where a large cheese pizza is the least expensive are Oklahoma ($12.70), Minnesota ($13.88), Alabama ($14.80), Kansas ($14.96), and North Dakota ($15.35), Food & Wine reports.

“Compiling actionable data is just one way Slice supports our shops,” CEO and Founder Ilir Sela said in a statement about the most expensive pizza study. While the report gives foodies insight into popular trends, like the most expensive pizza, it also emphasizes the importance of this data to businesses. These figures allow pizza shops to better serve customers and run their outlets more efficiently.

 “More than 400,000 people in the United States work at independent pizzerias and we have made it our mission to support as many of them as we can, as best as we can,” the Slice CEO continued. Along with the most expensive pizza, the Slice of the Union report also discovered that the most iconic names for pizzerias were Joe’s Pizza and Sal’s Pizza.

Both these names were used by 206 pizza shops across the U.S., followed by 114 Tony’s, 56 Johnny’s, and 43 Ray’s. Pizza toppings data was almost as fascinating as the most expensive pizza reveal. Collectively, Americans ordered mushrooms on 8.9% more pizzas last year. Pineapple was requested on 6.1% fewer orders and was mostly served in California.

Since Slice always has the inside track on the latest trends, the delivery app revealed the most likely pizza trends for 2023. After speaking to customers and shop owners, the company predicts that orders for pickle-topped and Ranch-drizzled pizzas will be on the rise. Unrelated to the most expensive pizza, the data also shows that people don’t love pineapple as much as they used to.

Additionally, pizza lovers should expect to see more Roman-style pizza stores opening in their neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Slice is giving first-time customers $5 off for National Pizza Day. To redeem the offer simply use the code PIZZADAY2023 on any order of $25 or more. That’s a very cool deal for any food lover, especially those residing in the most expensive pizza state. So get your napkins ready!