Microsoft Discontinuing Microsoft Office?

Microsft is officially integrating its Office software into its 365 platforms, effectively changing the word processor's name.

By Joseph Farago | Published

In 2020, Microsoft made a statement about its popular software Office 365 and a name change that would acknowledge its multipurpose use. The tech company renamed the software group from Microsoft Office to Microsoft 365, encompassing many of the corporation’s subscription services. Microsoft wants to change all its remaining software to names reflecting its versatility.

The Verge documented the upcoming changes, which will change, the Office mobile app, and the Office app for Windows to Microsoft 365 or another similar branding. The company wants to remove the office from all technological updates, promoting the versatility of its products. Meanwhile, users shouldn’t be worried about its software Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint going away since both the naming and fundamentals will remain unchanged.

An individual can now download Excel, Word, or Powerpoint through That website will soon transform into, incorporating a new six-sided logo instead of the previous square logo. This change will occur next month, while the Office app that can be downloaded on Windows or Macs will receive a rebranding in January.

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Microsoft Office won’t change the naming of any of its premier apps like Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Teams, and Outlook. There will be an updated Microsoft 365 app for phones or computers where all the software will be conveniently located. The new umbrella application will act as a centralized place for Powerpoint files, Word documents, calendar updates, and more.

Currently, you’ll be able to purchase all Office 2021 products under the same name without any additional changes. Office 2021 apps are considered a legacy brand, meaning any upgrades you’d like to download will only work for renamed Microsoft products. Microsoft weighed in on this structural difference, stating that there would be no changes to “Office 365 subscription plans” but that individuals would have to download the newer apps to get software changes.

Microsoft Office has been the name for Microsoft’s subscription applications for the past 32 years. The company decided to rebrand many of its products outside of Office 365 in order to change its branding and appeal to wider audiences. In 2019, the company rebranded its Windows Defender App, changing the name to Microsoft Defender, which could be downloaded for both phones and computers.

Though nothing fundamentally will change about these popular products, people are worried that the rebranding will carry over to other Microsoft-owned devices. Many might not know that Microsoft created Xbox, which has allowed devoted gamers to believe that the gaming console might gain a similar name change to Microsoft 365. Thankfully, Microsoft has no plans to rename its gaming products to something that includes the parent company’s title.

Currently, Microsoft Office apps like Word and Powerpoint can be downloaded for free. The subscription is a little pricier to gain Microsoft 365 and all the updated versions. Family plans for Microsoft 365 start at $100 per year, while single plans go for $70 a year. There’s also a trial run for Microsoft 365 Family which lasts 30 days, with payments of $10 per month after the trial period is over.