See Martha Stewart Partner With Liquid Death For A Horrifying Halloween Candle

Martha Stewart is promoting a new candle that she is making with the beverage company Liquid Death.

By Gabriella Acuna | Published

Martha Stewart has partnered with drink company Liquid Death to release a spooky, limited-edition candle called the “Dismembered Moments Luxury Candle.” The serial entrepreneur hasn’t slowed down, working and creating non-stop. At the age of 81, she recently opened her own restaurant in Las Vegas and created her own brand of Chardonnay. 

The dreadfully delightful candle collaboration might seem unusual for the Martha Stewart brand, but the empire-owner revels in the attention she often gets from doing the opposite of what society would expect of her. She embraced her latest creation with Liquid Death, a brand of canned water that relies on a fiery marketing approach. Much like Martha, Liquid Death is the opposite of what its description makes it sound like. 

The black candle features a wax replica of a can of Liquid Death with a life-sized hand holding it around the middle. A bright red wick stands atop the can, a stark contrast against the solid black Halloween candle. At seven inches tall, the candle boasts 60 hours of burn time, which should be enough for the rest of October. 

In the promotional YouTube video for the gory-looking candle, Martha Stewart describes how the waxy figures are made. “Well, it’s not easy: each one is made by hand,” explains Stewart, as she raises a large butcher knife and “slices” into something out of the camera’s view. Audiences can come to conclusions of their own as a blindfolded chef appears on screen, screaming bloody murder, holding up his blurred-out arm.

Martha Stewart fans can order the candles only from her website,, where she sells all of her branded products including home decor, cookware, and even clothes. Each candle sells for $58, which is the average price for luxury candles. For those who want their candles by Halloween, their order must be submitted by Thursday, October 20. 

Liquid Death, currently valued at $700 million, has experienced some serious levels of success. The company is projected to bring in “up to $125 million in revenue this year,” according to Food and Wine. Bloomberg reported on Monday that Liquid Death was able to raise “another $70 million in its most recent funding round,” further bolstering the California-based company’s financial success. 

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Mike Cessario said that one of the major reasons for his company’s success is the design of its cans. The can features a melting skull with the words “Liquid Death” in a gothic-looking font, and the irony of the fact that it’s filled with sparkling water seems to add to its appeal. Now with Martha Stewart herself working with the canned water company, the brand continues to rise in popularity. 

The company slogan, which is “Murder Your Thirst,” also adds to the drink’s dangerously cool appearance. With its wide variety of investors ranging from venture capital firm Science Ventures to dance group Swedish House Mafia, Liquid Death seems to be having no trouble acquiring celebrities like Martha Stewart for interesting collaborations. 

Her energy is unmatched. The busy CEO was also recently featured in an Instagram ad for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. In nothing but an apron, Martha Stewart promoted the coffee company’s pumpkin spice-flavored roast.