There Is A New Jeep Grand Cherokee Poised To Rival All Others, Here’s Why

Jeep is getting serious about entering the world of hybrid cars with its new Grand Cherokee 4xe poised to rival all competitors.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published

Grand Cherokee 4xe

For years Fiat Chrysler America tried to break into the electric vehicle market. They were unsuccessful at every turn. Their inability to produce a successful electric vehicle ultimately led them to merge with Peugeot in 2021. That merger has proved its weight in gold. The company just released its third option in the world of hybrid vehicles, the Grand Cherokee 4xe.

News of the Grand Cherokee 4xe release comes on the heels of the highly successful previous release of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe. The latest iteration of the Grand Cherokee is the fifth generation and could be a winner for the company. The plug-in hybrid SUV comes in three different configurations. All use the same platform as the Wrangler 4xe – a turbocharged 2.0 L powertrain engine. They also all come equipped with an automatic transmission with eight speeds.

From there, the three configurations start to differ. The base model has a price tag of $60,695. As you would expect with any base model off the lot, it does not have any extras. You will have to shell out some serious cash to get a Grand Cherokee 4xe with extra toys and benefits.

The Grand Cherokee 4xe mid-range model runs about $71,790. This configuration is the Trailhawk 4xe, and it has some fantastic features. It comes with all of Jeep’s driver-assist toys (or tools), the seats are Nappa leather, and it has a front-axle disconnect. The latter comes in handy if the road conditions don’t warrant 4-wheel drive.

Jeep did not neglect the external features. They made sure some outside of the Grand Cherokee 4xe also sports a bit of bling. The SUV stands out from the crowd with its blue hood decal and blue towing hooks.

This Grand Cherokee 4xe configuration also has some toys for the passengers to help keep them entertained. Both rear seats have built-in screens, which is great news for parents looking to keep their kids occupied on a long trip. But don’t worry. The front passenger isn’t left out. They also get a built-in screen complete with polarized glass to prevent the driver from getting distracted.

For a truly extravagant Grand Cherokee 4xe, you only need to spend a little extra. The Summit Reserve leads the pack at $76,070. Included in the high price tag are some nifty bonuses, including a whopping 8.4 inches of ground clearance. The dashboard has three different displays, chrome accents, and oak inserts. The Palermo leather inside and high-tech LED lights outside are just a few reasons Jeep gave it top-of-the-line pricing.

Performance-wise, the Grand Cherokee 4xe leaves something to be desired. In terms of mileage, other PHEV competitors far outlast its capabilities – from both a hybrid and pure electric standpoint. It is not the best news for Jeep. But they will likely continue working to improve upon the poor mileage. Currently, it has a rating of 56 MPGe or 25 miles when running solely on electric power.

Technically other comparable SUVs perform better on standard roads. However, that is not the main reason customers purchase Jeeps. None of the competitors has the offroad power of the Grand Cherokee 4xe. So, if you’re looking for a hybrid off-road SUV you’ve found it. Just be ready to spend a pretty penny.