IHOP Completely Revamping Its Food, Here’s What’s On the Menu Now

IHOP's new menu features offerings such as Cinn-A-Stack pancakes, new varieties of eggs benedict, and a selection of savory crepes.

By Ryan Clancy | Published


The restaurant chain, IHOP, revealed a newly revamped menu this week that includes a high number of new items and the return of a customer favorite, which will delight its loyal customers. There are at least a dozen new items on their updated menu. Also, IHOP has made many of its customers incredibly happy with the return of the ever-popular Cinn-A-Stack pancakes. 

IHOP, which is owned by Dine Brands, which also owns numerous other chain restaurants, including Applebee’s, reduced its menu by over 60 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic, but now it has come back with a bang! The newly revamped menu is still smaller than the pre-pandemic IHOP menu, but the new additions are greatly welcomed. 

The new additions to the IHOP menu will be in restaurants on April 3rd and will include new dishes on every menu, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The newly revamped menu will consist of some dishes that have yet to return to the IHOP menu since the pandemic, including the mega-popular Cinn-A-Stack pancakes and egg benedict in the morning breakfast. 

These new additions are sure to entice consumers who have been cutting back restaurant spending due to the rise in inflation and looming recession. But who could miss out on the chance to try the Cinn-A-Stack pancakes? 

IHOP is still reporting profits as their slight rise in food prices has offset the decline in footfall all restaurants and food establishments are seeing. The new additions are based on what customers have told them they have been missing on social media and in their restaurants. It is wholly focused on drawing customers back to their establishments. 

IHOP was receiving numerous requests weekly to bring back Cinn-A-Stack pancakes. They have also tried to entice customers by adding new ingredients to its egg benedict, including spicy poblano and bourbon bacon jam. Taking a leaf out of its new egg benedict flavors, IHOP will offer savory crepes with toppings such as chicken pesto. 

Also, new additions include an updated steakburger, more fish options like shrimp platters, and a range of lighter options and salads. 

Having a more extensive, new menu also requires IHOP employees to undergo refresher training on specific aspects of the cooking and display process, like the complex process of poaching an egg. 

Hopefully, all this effort IHOP is going through will increase the footfall throughout their restaurants as businesses are seeing a drop in customers throughout the food industry. Even with the volatile economy, most companies are trying to increase their profit growth this year. 

One of IHOP’s rival restaurant chains, Denny’s, has followed suit, updated their menu, and renovated their kitchens throughout their locations. These two restaurants are not the only food businesses trying to get some business back. Subway and Red Lobster have both brought back customer favorites to increase profits. It is hard for all businesses to operate with global economic conditions like the ones we are currently living through. Hopefully, the additions to IHOP’s menu will