One Texas Town Is Installing Gondolas To Combat Traffic

Plano will become the first city in North Texas to launch a gondola system, or aerial tram, following in the footsteps of Portland, Oregon, and New York City.

By Wendy Hernandez | Updated

Gondolas Plano

When people think of gondolas, they may picture a friendly Italian gondolier in a black-and-white striped shirt and a flat-topped straw hat rowing two lovers through the canals of Venice. They probably don’t imagine Plano, Texas, or gondola lifts like those in ski resorts. However, that’s precisely what Plano, a bustling community in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan region, hopes to have soon to bypass traffic congestion.

According to Paul Wedding of, the North Texas Regional Transportation Council recently sought proposals for high-tech gondolas to reduce traffic in congested regions. Plano was the first city to bid on gondolas. Following careful consideration, the local council agreed to proceed with the proposal, acknowledging the system’s potential benefits. 

Swyft Cities, formed by former Google employees, is the firm behind Plano’s forthcoming gondolas. The gondolas, which are self-contained cabins, go via bus-like stations and take passengers directly to their destination without stopping. Swyft Cities’ website promotes their infrastructure’s cheap cost and environmental friendliness. The firm is also concerned about passenger safety and will install face recognition equipment in each cabin to prevent criminal activity and maintain security.

Future passengers will be able to quickly board and disembark the gondolas at their leisure, making it perfect for shopping, dining, and entertainment, with stops around the city. Plano’s manager of transportation engineering, Brian Shewski, said that each cabin would carry around four people, and consumers could organize and pay for rides using a smartphone app.

Plano will become the first city in North Texas to launch a gondola system, or aerial tram, following in the footsteps of Portland, Oregon, and New York City. The city hopes to reduce traffic and boost the local economy by bringing in new businesses and tourists. Not only is this solution innovative and effective, but it’s also eco-friendly, providing a fun and sustainable means of travel.

One of the main selling points of the gondola system is the breathtaking bird’s-eye perspective of the surrounding area that passengers will get to enjoy. Not only will the gondolas provide a unique and fascinating mode of transportation in Plano, but they are also ecologically sustainable. Some modern gondola systems already use renewable energy, making them an environmentally friendly transportation option.

Even though the gondola system is still in the early stages of construction, Plano’s economic benefits are clear. The system could attract new businesses and visitors, benefiting the local economy. But many parts of the project need to be worked out, such as finding the best places for the gondola system and getting feedback from the community.

Residents of Plano and the people who visit the north Texas town would all get to utilize this groundbreaking transportation method. Residents could use the gondola system to travel into the city center for work without the worry of being stuck in traffic. Visitors could enjoy skyline views of the city and easily access all the local must-see spots.

Gondolas as a form of public transit in Plano is a novel and appealing concept. Although the gondolas are still in the planning stages, the gondola system’s potential benefits are clear. Who knows? Transportation via gondola lifts may become commonplace in other cities and communities across North Texas.