A Glow In The Dark Park Could Be Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

People in Dallas, Texas will be able to attend year around events for all day, and night fun at a unique glow-in-the-dark park.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Updated

If you are one of the 22 million people who visit Dallas, Texas, every year, or one of the 1.28 million residents who call The Big D home, you will soon experience the first ever, glow in the dark park, Joya. Expect the night sky to be lit up with glowing interactive light objects. Joya will be located in Farmers Branch, Texas, and occupy the corner of Tom Fields Road and Valley View Lane.

Joya, the name of the glow in the dark park, is a Spanish word pronounced HO-YA. The word translates to jewel in English. As the word translates to the park, it will be the new and lasting crown jewel of Farmers Branch, Texas.

Glow in the dark park
Source: farmersbranchtx.gov

The glow in the dark park will host events during the day and night whenever the weather permits it. Visitors can anticipate educational programs, arts and cultural events, and other regularly scheduled activities. Specific operating hours have yet to be established.

Joya is being built as a public park. Construction on the glow in the dark park is set to begin in April and open sometime in August. $4,750,000 of federal funding has been allocated to build this futuristic park.

It appears as though Joya has been designed to resemble a solar system or an otherworldly spaceship. The glow in the dark park is truly one of a kind and will span 18,000 square feet. The park will feature a zip line with interactive lights, a spin zone with LED lighting, glowing seating, and much more.

There are three sections of the park, a main area, a sphere, and a tot area, each with its own unique elements. One of the main aspects of the park features is a 27-foot round ball that, in a way, resembles Earth or perhaps a UFO. Slides, swings, a climbing level, and other fun elements to spark play and imagination are protruding out and coming from all sides of the giant sphere.

Speaking from a mother’s perspective, it is my hope that the bathroom and breastfeeding facilities at the new glow in the dark park will be more than adequate. While shareholders have put much thought into things like light pollution and the strategic placement of coverings to ensure the equipment never gets hot, parents and caregivers want facilities to handle bathroom business. Mothers also want a cool place to feed their babies while the dad watches the other kids.

The glow in the dark park has been designed for Dallasites and visitors to enjoy throughout the year. In that case, people, especially parents with kids who may need to relieve themselves at any moment, need a thoughtfully designed and adequately maintained restroom facility. The futuristic design of the park should match the restroom facilities, and that little white building depicted in the YouTube video was not cutting it.

Aside from the eye sore of a white tin building, everything presented of the glow in the dark park looks incredible. As a woman and a mother who has called Dallas, Texas, home for nearly a decade and counting, I am excited to make many memories and attend events that will happen year-round at this notably designed park.