UFOs Everywhere, The Best Way To Prepare For An Alien Invasion

The best ways to prepare for a UFO attack or alien invasion include preparing a hideout and stockpiling food supplies.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Updated


In case anyone missed the news lately, the United States government recently shot down three UFOs. Two UFOs were in our airspace, and one was over Canada, all prompting wild speculation about their origin. So, if aliens decided to come knocking on our proverbial door, we wanted to offer some pointers on preparing for an invasion.

A good place to start is a primer written and published in the early 2000s. It is called An Introduction to Planetary Defense. The authors are Bob Boan and Travis Taylor.

Why should you pay attention to their advice? Good question. According to Reuters News, “Taylor holds advanced degrees in astronomy and physics, and is an associate at consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.” 

Additionally, “He and Boan have done consulting work for the Defense Department and the U.S. space agency NASA.” So, in other words, they are no slouches. The duo began to imagine what it would look like to defend our nation in 2001.

Their strongest recommendation is to prepare in advance, which is difficult to do when we have no idea what might be out there. However, “Failure to prepare may mean mankind will have to dig in and fight with improvised weapons and hit-and-run tactics, much the same way Islamic extremists have battled the U.S. military in Iraq,” Taylor said. Taylor insists this is likely the only chance we may have at surviving an alien attack. 

Fast forward roughly a decade, and experts stood by some of the original advice from Taylor and Boan. In 2017, the New York Post covered an intriguing piece from The Sun. The publication “picked the brains of a former Ministry of Defense (MOD) insider and a top paranormal investigator to work out what the most likely scenario would be.”

According to the MOD representative, there are a handful of things the public should know. First, war cabinets would convene, and news of those would likely go public quickly. Shortly after, concerned citizens would receive a notice (possibly through social media).

The New York Post news article notes, “Of course, with the era of ‘fake news’ upon us, many are likely to dismiss announcements made on social media – but at least there’d be plenty more room in the lifeboats, so to speak.” And while that’s slightly unnerving, it is probably accurate. Then (or perhaps simultaneously), a civil alert about the UFOs would get issued.

Expect that “The advice would be to take cover, at home if possible and await further instructions from the authorities.” After ascertaining the extent and location of the invasion, the government may issue evacuation orders. In the UK, there are plans in place to move people from the cities into rural areas or tunnel systems.

Residents should pack as much food and clothing as they could carry. Beyond that, “If an invasion is imminent, the grim reality is there’s not an awful lot we could do.” And that is not exactly comforting news.

But everyone studying UFOs believes that if aliens were to invade, they would have far superior technology to our own. So follow the advice from Boan and Taylor a few decades ago. Pack food, hide out, and fight the little green men emerging from UFOs like insurgents.