Doctors In Texas Work In Fear Of Helping People Under Suppressive Laws, Here’s Why

Doctors in Texas are finding themselves unsure if they can talk about abortion as a choice or even utter the word due to possibly aiding and abetting.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

Doctor Texas

Women are still being treated as folks who are unable to make their own decisions about their own bodies, especially in Texas. Right in time for the beginning of Women’s History Month, Texas, and the rest of the country, continue to make sure that pregnant women who are seeking an abortion, no matter what the reason, cannot get access to it. There are many reasons why abortion exists; and no matter the reason the decision is between the woman and her doctor.  

This is an emotional issue. Because when we hear “abortion is healthcare” it’s said because it either is saving the life of the woman or is simply necessary. And what anyone else says about it should not matter, not in Texas, not anywhere. But, abortion is polarizing and is one of those things that people can’t seem to stay away from. Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on, know that abortion has been going on since folks could have sex. So, like, forever.

According to NPR, doctors in Texas are starting to speak in code to their patients for fear of mentioning abortion as an option. Even in the case when a baby has a deadly birth defect, doctors will speak in code and start mentioning other states with governors who are declining to punish those who have abortions. It’s a very touchy and emotional situation that divides people and families every day.  

NPR reported that women and healthcare providers never know where folks stand–including the government–on abortion, so they must speak in coded language. The law is so confusing (on purpose) that no one is sure how they can get an abortion, who they can tell, and when and where they can get one (if at all). So, healthcare providers have found themselves speaking in a type of code that can (or can’t) get a message through. 

However, in the same state, and even the same country, a man at any age can request a vasectomy and get it from his doctor. A vasectomy prevents childbirth as well. What is the difference? It’s just that on one hand, you have a man. And on the other, you have a man making a woman’s decision for her. As we know, it’s a man’s world. 

Some lawyers are saying that discussing abortion is legal and is covered under the first amendment which is freedom of speech. Physicians should not be afraid to talk to their patients about certain things, least of all abortion. In this case, doctors are covered by the first amendment. 

However, if a doctor talks about abortion, they don’t know if they are “aiding and abetting” or are putting other folks in the room who hear it at risk. So, coded language which can be misconstrued enters the room instead of a frank clear conversation that focuses on healthcare and what’s best for the woman.

Right now, at the time of writing, there are three overlapping abortion bans in place, and no one knows which one is legally binding, if at all. It’s all red tape meant to paralyze a woman from making a decision–the one that’s right for her.