Those Who Dine At This One Of A Kind Restaurant Will Learn A New Meaning Of Surf And Turf

Fireside Surf, a new restaurant in the Dallas Metro area, will not only offer diners a chance to enjoy delicious surf and turf, but guests can actually learn to surf, too, in the venue's very own wave pool.

By Kari Apted | Updated

surf and turf

Surf and turf is a classic American entrée where steak and seafood are served on the same plate. But being able to surf on turf—or any area that’s not the ocean—is an entirely different concept. Now, residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area of Texas will be able to experience surfing and dining at a new restaurant called Fireside Surf.

The surfing-themed restaurant will be located in the growing Grandscape development in The Colony, a Dallas suburb located in Denton County. The Colony is one of the metro DFW area’s trendiest shopping and dining districts which makes it an ideal location to introduce a completely new dining concept. Fireside Surf is not just surfing-themed; it includes an actual wave pool for surfing.

According to ABC affiliate WFAA, the restaurant will be located at 5772 Grandscape Boulevard. After the company’s $4 million investment, it should be finished by August 2023. The classic surf and turf meal does not appear on Fireside Surf’s menu, but there are plenty of offerings from both land and sea.

Food is served at the Splash Lounge surrounding the surfing wave pool. Therefore, you can dine and enjoy a drink between surfing sessions or eat while you watch your friends shred the waves. Local chef John Franke is slated to run the kitchen that will serve “curated surf eats fusing ingredients from the world’s most incredible surf spots.”

The menu is divided into Shareables, Handhelds, and Bowls. The Sharables are as they sound—platters with creative appetizers to share, including yellowfin ceviche and halloumi caprese satays. Handhelds include a variety of wraps, burgers, sandwiches, and tacos, while bowls mix together innovative ingredients from the surf and turf, like tabbouleh, poke tuna, steak, and figs.

Fireside Surf serves a good selection of beer and wine and offers various cocktails with or without alcohol. For the kids, there’s the Little Shredders menu with typical kid fare like cheeseburger sliders and more adventurous entrees, like coconut fried shrimp with grilled mango relish. Desserts reflect the restaurant’s tropical vibe and include real Hawaiian shaved ice.

While the food is great even without a classic surf and turf offering, surfing is the main reason to choose Fireside Surf over any other modern restaurant in The Colony. The restaurant’s pool can accommodate up to eight surfers at the same time and up to 15 people per surfing session. According to its website, Fireside provides a “non-threatening entry point for new surfers, a place to unwind and cruise for casual surfers, and a freestyle playground for experienced, core surfers.”

Furthermore, the restaurant promises that novice surfers will enjoy quick progress because the pool eliminates traditional barriers to surfing in the ocean. That includes crowded waves, rocky reefs, delayed sets, and short rides. They describe the waves as fully customizable and up to six feet high.

Fireside Surf partnered with Citywave to create “nature’s most consistent wave” for an authentic surfing experience without the barriers listed above. Serious surfers will enjoy being able to practice on endless generated waves in a natural wave shape and land on a proprietary soft foam padded surface. Surfers will be able to use real surfboards with fins and can vary each round’s water volume, wave shape, and height with the touch of a button.

While many north Texans will continue to associate surf and turf with steak and seafood, those seeking to merge a surfer vibe with an urban lifestyle will see them flow together at Fireside Surf. Bodyboarding and body surfing sessions will also be available. Customers can also sign up for Fireside Surf Academy for classes in beginning, intermediate and advanced surfing.