A Cognac Thief Walked Out With A Bottle Valued At Over $4,000

By Kristi Eckert | 3 months ago

cognac thief

Thievery is on the rise nationwide. People are looting Amazon packages. The likes of retail giants like Best Buy and Walgreens are fielding bandits left and right. And one grocery chain in New York City was forced to beef up its security after waves of patrons began walking out with items they swiped from shelves. For some, though, petty crime is not enough. Food & Wine reported that authorities in California are looking for a woman who clipped a 100-year-old bottle of Cognac worth over $4,000 from behind the bar of a prominent restaurant. The cognac thief currently remains at large.

The incident occurred at Mount Hamilton Grandview Restaurant in the city of San Jose, California in Santa Clara County. Ironically, the woman came to the restaurant as a paying customer along with nine other individuals. San Jose’s local network KTVU detailed that the suspect in question sat down to dinner in a party totaling ten individuals, for which she paid $1,600 entirely in cash. Following the dinner, the cognac thief preceded to nab a bottle of Louis XIII cognac from behind an unattended bar.

Footage of the entire incident was captured on the restaurant’s security cameras. The footage clearly shows the cognac thief hurriedly going being the bar and grabbing the bottle as she glanced around, perhaps checking to make sure she steered clear of any restaurant personnel. The security footage also shows other individuals of her party in the vicinity. One man in particular watched directly on and watched as she preceded to take the bottle. It is unclear at this point, however, if any co-conspiring charges will be brought up against the other individuals. Take a firsthand look at the cognac crime here.

Mount Hamilton Grandview Restaurant’s manager believes that the whole event was entirely premeditated. He went as far as to call it a well-choreographed and expertly executed hit. Police have petitioned the public to come forward with any information they may have on the alleged cognac thief. However, the Santa Clara County sheriff’s office remains confident that due to the clarity of the security footage they will be able to bring the case of the stolen cognac to a swift close. Once the suspect is apprehended she will be charged with felony theft due to the immense value of the bottle that she stole.

The cognac thief isn’t the only crook restaurants should be concerned about. A brazen beef thief in Georgia walked into Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse and then nonchalantly walked out with an enormous amount of beef valued at over $15,000. Some of the priciest meat portions that the burglar made off with included Kobe and Wagyu beef. The event occurred just prior to Valentine’s day which left the restaurant in a really tight spot. In many cases, they were forced to explain to guests why they couldn’t order the dish that they wanted. Thankfully for Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse though, justice was served to the beef thief who was later identified as one of the restaurant’s new hires.