Coca-Cola Produces Billions of Dollars Of Cocaine In The US Per Year, And The Government Knows All About It

At a factory in Maywood, New Jersey, Coca-Cola legally produces two million grams of a drug-free version of cocaine that it uses as an ingredient in its drinks.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

coca-cola cocaine

Coca-Cola has been producing $2 billion of pure cocaine each year. But it’s not for sinister reasons. The leaves of coca plants are used to create a drug-free ingredient for the iconic soft drink. The leftovers are then sold to a large opioid manufacturer in the United States. The medical company uses the powder in numbing agents and topical anesthetics.

According to the Daily Mail, Coca-Cola gets its cocaine byproduct from a tiny chemical processing plant. Located in New Jersey, the outfit has an exclusive license to import coca leaves on behalf of the beverage giant. The facility, owned by the Stepan Company, has been processing the leaves for over 100 years and is specially licensed by the DEA.

As the only firm permitted to manufacture cocaine in the United States, the Stepan Company renewed its agreement to continue importing cocoa leaves in January. While the size of each import remains unknown, in the 1980s, more than 500 metric tons of leaves were permitted to enter the United States in a calendar year. That’s enough to produce two million grams of cocaine for Coca-Cola.

It’s no secret that Coca-Cola uses cocaine byproducts in its drinks. The trend was detailed in a book called A Secret History of Coffee, Coca, and Cola by Ricardo Cortés. Within its pages, the author describes the New Jersey company earned the right to process coca at its plant. According to historical records, 45 to 104 tons of leaves were imported between 2007 and 2010.

“They’re the most American red, white, and blue brand,” Cortés told the Daily Mail about Coca-Cola. But since they don’t want to be associated with the drug, their product is a refined version compared to criminal cartels. Although importing the leaves has been illegal since 1921, the Coca-Cola Company is granted special privileges to handle the controlled substance.

Interestingly, the original recipe for Coca-Cola contained trace amounts of cocaine which inspired the “Coca” part of its name. When the drink was invented, the drug was legal and a common ingredient in medicines. People also thought that small amounts were harmless. But in 1903, Coca-Cola removed coca from its recipe, 11 years before the United States made cocaine illegal.

The removal of coca from Coca-Cola was short-lived. In 1929, a new extraction method was discovered that allowed the soft drink company to put the cocaine byproduct back into their drinks. However, the dangerous part is removed before the product is used. The company only uses the flavoring agent derived from the coca plant in its formula.

Still, some New Jersey residents are uncomfortable with Coca-Cola producing cocaine on their doorstep. Folks in Maywood have also noted that the chemical facility releases plumes of smoke before sunrise or late at night. One resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Daily Mail that a police car is often stationed outside the plant. Trucks are also seen throughout the day.

While Coca-Cola uses cocaine safely, the dangers of the drugs can have severe consequences for a person’s health and overall quality of life. It is essential to seek help immediately if you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction.