Coca-Cola Is Now Making Its Own Holiday Movies?

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published


Coca-Cola has just released a series of short films on Amazon Prime. The beverage company is taking a new approach and looking for innovative ways to market its products. The newly released films are an extension of the company’s Real Magic Platform. 

The long-time beverage company, Coca-Cola, is continuing its venture into branded television content. The company is not just trying to sell and promote its products, though. The company is working on new ways to connect with customers, especially younger ones. 

In addition to building a connection with a younger generation of customers, Coca-Cola is trying to create traditions for families that, of course, include its soda. With these goals in mind, the company is getting creative and finding new ways to make this happen. 

The new short film series Coca-Cola has created is themed around Christmas. The company has long associated itself with Christmas, so this short film series makes a lot of sense for the brand. The title of the series is Christmas Always Finds a Way, and they are about ten minutes long, some a little longer. 

The new Coca-Cola shorts are a production form the company’s filmmaking department, Real Magic Presents. The films are not just long commercials; they are short films that have been made to bring Christmas cheer. As the company is well known for its iconic Christmas polar bear characters and has even been thought to have invented Santa Claus himself, the films are sure to bring the Christmas magic that customers love to see and feel this time of year. 

Coca-Cola first began making content similar to the new shorts just last year. As streaming platforms are in nearly every modern home, Coca-Cola knew this was the perfect way to engage with established and new customers. The company also knew just how much families enjoy gathering around the watch holiday films and definitely took advantage of this opportunity and created something the whole family would enjoy. 

The three films in the Coca-Cola film series are all different, yet all tie in with the Christmas theme. The advertising in each movie is subtle, with each character taking a swig of soda at some point throughout the film. The logo shown at the beginning of each film also features two Coke bottles and the words Real Magic.

The first film, titled Alma, is in Spanish and is set in a small town in Mexico that happens to make Christmas ornaments all year round. The Coca-Cola film is centered around a mom who seems to live the same day over and over and needs a little Christmas cheer. Renowned Brazilian director, Vellas, directs this film. 

Next in the lineup of the Coca-Cola film series is a classic French romance story. The film is titled Les Petis Mondes de Noel and was directed by French director J.B. BraudThis short film follows two people who happen to catch each other’s eye through a store’s window. The last short film in the beautiful Coca-Cola series is Christmas Bites and directed by Alex Buono. This film happens to feature a vampire who is not with the Christmas spirit at all and is actually anti-Santa. The vampire goes to meet his future in-laws and the visit takes a turn for the best when Santa clause himself shows up.