Coca-Cola Has Begun Using Artificial Intelligence For Absolutely Everything, Throwing All Caution To The Wind

Coca-Cola announced that it has begun implementing Artificial Intelligence, like ChatGPT, into every facet of its business but also asserts that senior management will have the final say on all AI-generated decisions.

By Ryan Clancy | Published

coca-cola artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is increasing in popularity at a rapid rate. Even if you have not used artificial intelligence, you would have heard of platforms like ChatGPT. It seems like Coca-Cola has implemented the new technology in every aspect of its business, even though it is known to be glitchy at best.

While Coca-Cola is not the only big company to implement artificial intelligence, it is the first one to implement it at the scale it has. However, Mattel, CarMax, Snapchat, and Instacart have all taken advantage of AI and how it could help streamline their business processes, according to NBC News

Coca-Cola is using artificial intelligence to create a new marketing strategy for the company. While there are no details of what this plan entails, they are willing to experiment with the latest technology to see what the result is and whether they can come up with something better than their human employees. 

While Coca-Cola is throwing caution to the wind, some experts warn against such a business move. Businesses should tread carefully with the technology as it is not yet reliable enough. It could potentially put their reputations and customers in jeopardy. 

While artificial intelligence has been around for a while, it only really soared in popularity when OpenAI released ChatGPT. This is a free artificial intelligence tool for everyone to use. It is something that became real and not something that is trying to kill Will Smith in “I Robot.” 

But there is a reason to be cautious as platforms like ChatGPT are known to give incorrect information, be misleading, have bias, raise copywriting concerns, and, in a few cases, be racist. 

Due to these concerns, many companies have been using artificial intelligence as a brainstorming tool that will have no direct input into any final products or services that will go to their customers. It is safer, but it also ensures that the technology does not replace human employees. Well, not yet, anyway. 

Coca-Cola is using artificial intelligence as a part of the workflow, where senior marketing managers and designers get the final say over what advertising campaign the consumers will see. 

As artificial intelligence gets more popular with everyday people, the technology titans are battling it out to see who can invest and develop the most popular artificial intelligence app. Microsoft, Google and Amazon all have their fingers in the AI pie. Microsoft is currently winning with its partnership with OpenAI, which owns ChatGPT. Google is set to release its own artificial intelligence platform to rival ChatGPT called Bard Chatbot. 

Meta, the company that owns Facebook, has also built its own AI but is not currently selling any of its technology. Amazon has recently partnered with AWS and Hugging Face to develop another rival AI platform for ChatGPT called Bloom. 

With all these massive investments happening in the world of artificial intelligence and companies like Coca-Cola heavily implementing it into their global operations, it is only a matter of time before AI is everywhere, just like computers and social media.