The Types Of Clothes You Should Always Buy In Person Instead Of Online

Clothing items that should alwasy be bought in person include running shoes, high heels, tailored suits, and bras.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

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The death of the retail store, along with it, the behavior to buy in person, is taking a long time. And, that’s probably a good thing as we discover that shopping online for everything isn’t always a good move. For one thing, when folks buy clothing online, many times they end up wasting money and the clothing they actually purchased. The behavior of buying a couple of different sizes in the same style has led to waste. 

According to BestLife, there are five products you should never buy online and should always buy in person. These specific items are hard to fit and can vary too much depending on the make, quality, and brand. And because most people do not take the time to return what they don’t want, they end up going to waste. 

Although many people donate clothes to places like Goodwill or Salvation Army, clothing often goes completely to waste. This could be because the pieces didn’t sell. So, textiles are many times broken down to become something completely different. Sometimes they are just burned in order to dispose of them.

Clothing brands are even experimenting with other types of materials that break down easily, like plants. But, with some even containing harmful chemicals, this practice is extremely detrimental to our planet’s well-being.  Doesn’t sound great, does it? Another good reason to buy in person.

When you hear that Amazon is partnering with such brands as The Gap for an online store, it’s enough to make you reach for your wallet. However, with t-shirts, polos, simple dresses, and socks, there isn’t such a risk to buy online. Chances are the clothing runs true to size and you know if you’re a Small or a Large and you don’t have to buy in person. 

So, with that in mind, here are the five clothing items you should never buy online and buy in person and why. The answers may surprise you! 

  1. Running Shoes. This seems like a no-brainer unless you are familiar with the brand, the fit, and the style and how they fit your specific feet. Running shoes must have the best fit possible. Since you are going to be running in them, you could end up seriously harming yourself if you don’t have the right shoe. Trying on different running shoe options is the best way to buy in person for this piece of clothing.
  2. High Heel Shoes. We were pretty sure these weren’t a thing anymore, but here we are. If you have to wear these torture devices (not sure why you would want to), add these to the list of things to buy in person. We say skip the heels, love your comfy flats, and save your feet, back, and money.
  3. Tailored Suits. A tailored suit is just what it says: tailored to your body. You must be present to buy in person as you get measured to make sure the suit fits your specific build. Buying a tailored suit online is not buying a tailored suit.
  4. Bras. This is a tricky one. Sometimes you can find a brand you know and are familiar with the sizing and the quality. When this happens, we say stock up. Otherwise, this is another product that is better to buy in person so you can try it on. But once you know your size in that brand, go online when a deal hits.
  5. Swimsuits. Another one we’re torn on here. Putting on swimsuits in a try-on room with a glaring fluorescent light hitting all your worst insecurities while a gaggle of size-one 20-somethings pose for selfies in the stall next to you is not a good time. Take your measurements, hope for the best and just get on out there. You may not be 20 or a size one, but you have wisdom. The wisdom to stay out of the try-on room and not buy in person.