The Best Type Of School To Send Your Young Children To

The best schools for children will be determined by each child’s individual needs.

By Trista Sobeck | Updated


When it comes to your kids, you want to provide them with the best. And this includes the best education and best school. But with so much pressure from outside sources like grandparents, parent-friends, and the media, how do you know what type of education is actually best for your kid?

You don’t know until you know your child, their preferences, and how they choose to interact with the world. Some kids play games, while others choose to create. According to the BBC, the Montessori method of teaching children can be quite successful. Many talented, industrious, and creative folks are reported alumni of this method.

But does that mean it’s the best school for your child? Montessori is a student-led method where children decide from games and methods how they want to learn. Montessori children have unstructured time and can choose to complete their tasks without adult interference. 

The Montessori method stands in complete opposite of traditional educational methods. Most methods organize children in groups or rows; most follow a standardized curriculum that must be followed; and most have children doing things that they simply don’t want to do.

Montessori is about freedom and creativity, while traditional education is rooted in conforming and memorizing. However, just because Montessori sounds good in theory, will it always be the best education for every child?

Every child learns differently, but what does the research say about children who are immediately thrown into Montessori? If all Montessori children are successful, then that would prove that it is the best education. Children learn in all types of ways and thrive in very different environments. Therefore, no one can say that there is the ultimate best education for all kids. 

In addition to there being very different learning styles, there are varying types of potential. The goals may not be to educate kids to every level possible, but to help them find their own strengths and to have a good life. This may be related to the idea that recently, more jobs don’t require college degrees and not everyone needs to earn one. 

On the other side of the coin, Google sees the need to help college-age kids get a college degree because sometimes that paper is just necessary. So, in that instance, folks are still trying to get the best education for their kids. Google saw that the technical skills that are in high demand are not simply just learned in a classroom and many times, highly technical kids are able to bypass that needed degree. So, Google is working to get those kids the best education by making available certificate-based degrees that can be learned online.

The fact that education is available at the click of a button is extremely common and accepted today. We know that the best education is actually the education that successfully teaches an idea. And now, we can do that through online education, apps, and even access to digital libraries. So if you’ll always be getting the best education if you observe what piques your child’s interest.