There Is Now A Perfume Made To Smell Like A Bar

By Charlene Badasie | Published

bar perfume

Death & Co has been a pioneer of craft cocktails since opening its doors in 2006. Now, in partnership with California-based perfumer De Kloka, the bar has created three signature perfume scents, inspired by its locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and Denver. Described as gender-inclusive, each fragrance is made from all-natural ingredients and evokes each unique location, while remaining anchored in the dark frisson of the hospitality experience.

The line is created by Jackie Brenner, a former bartender and current owner of the small-batch botanical perfumery. For the former Death & Co employee, creating the bar-inspired perfume was a trip down memory lane. “I tapped into all my past experiences in the bar world, the different sensations, the smells, and textures they bring forth,” she said in a press release via Inside Hook. She explained that all three fragrances share a handful of common ingredients, including saffron, cardamom, coffee, and sweet incense.

“These core ingredients capture the Death & Co spirit and carry cohesiveness through each scent,” she said. More location-specific aromas are added to each to lend a personal touch. Denver’s bar perfume features saddle leather, earthy patchouli, fresh citrus, dried hops, and fresh cannabis, CNET reports. Inspired by classic cocktails, the New York fragrance features spikenard, an aromatic that resembles vermouth along with coriander, citrus, and herbal notes.

The fragrance also includes rose and beeswax to mimic the “smell of candlelight.” The Los Angeles bar perfume emits desert heat and velvety suede with ginger, jasmine, and orange blossom. These scents are combined with rare citruses like yuzu and yellow mandarin along with a hint of frankincense. All three scents are available for $90 per 15ml bottle and $270 for the set from the Death & Company Market.

These botanical bar perfumes are essentially hand-crafted works of art. Intimate and ethereal, each fragrance wears close to the body and invites reapplication. The scent is specifically designed for people who think they don’t like perfume, or who are overwhelmed by commercial fragrances made with synthetic ingredients. The site also offers other cool barware, cocktail recipe books, and apparel which make great holiday gifts.

Before launching its new bar perfume fragrance line, Death & Co was known for being an upscale location for drinks. Its New York location opened for business on New Year’s Eve 2006/07 in Manhattan’s East Village and quickly became a cocktail institution. This was largely due to its staff of creative bartenders and incredible servers. Since then, Death & Co has evolved and changed from an intimate bar in New York City to a sprawling cocktail lounge and restaurant in Denver.

The third installment in Los Angeles pays homage to the East Coast as an intimate seated-only bar, paired with a more casual standing-room-only bar. Through this growth, the company maintained its commitment to fine products and exceptional experiences. A focus on hospitality and a deep desire to be a center for communities are also important to the owners. As a result, the bar-inspired perfume was created for everyone who loves Death & Co.