American Eagle Mom Jeans – A Style For Everyone

American Eagle mom jeans offer four trendy variations of classic, straight, curvy, and high-rise styles, each with its own unique designs.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

Back in the day, “mom jeans” was a slang term that was used by the younger female generation toward older women who wore high-waisted jeans. This style first became fashionable in the late 1980s and early 1990s, making a comeback in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Mom jeans again became a fashion trend in the 2010s and even today, the trend continues as the younger generation (tweens, teens, up to college-age women) have found American Eagle mom jeans quite wearable.

American Eagle has taken advantage of the “mom jeans” popularity by creating its own styles. While most of the mom jeans styles American Eagle offers to stay true to the original high waist appearance, they have given mom jeans a look that definitely caters to the younger generation. Let’s see what American Eagle has done with the mom jeans.


The American Eagle Mom Jeans is the first style American Eagle offers and is their best seller. These jeans are high-waisted, tapered, and ankle-skimming and have a few styles of their own. Let’s take a look at the different offerings.

AE Mom Jean

These are the originals. The denim is rigid, so there is no stretch. They are high-waisted and have a single-button fly. They are priced at $37.46 on American Eagle.

AE Stretch Ripped Mom Jean

These mom jeans are high-waisted and come with a rip across one knee. They are ankle length and have a double button fly with just enough stretch in the material for you to enjoy a comfortable day. They are priced at $44.96 on American Eagle.

AE Strigid Ripped Mom Jean

These ones get their name because they are crafted rigid in the front while being stretchy in the back for the ultimate comfort. They have a comfortable stretch waistband that is a high-rise with a single button fly and are also tapered at the ankle. They cost $55.96 on American Eagle.

AE Stretch Ripped High V-Rise Mom Jean

This one has got it all going on as the rips aren’t too noticeable, but the stretch is. These mom jeans rise high enough to fit above the waist but with the V front, your belly button will show and the ankle is tapered. The cost of these is $44.96 on American Eagle


These American Eagle Mom Jeans are the classic straight-leg fit. Like the above Mom Jeans, these also have a few different styles to them that should satisfy. Let’s see what they offer.

AE Stretch Mom Straight Jean

These mom jeans ride high, over the navel. They are straight-legged with some stretch to them with a single-button fly. They can be yours for $34.96 on American Eagle.

AE Ripped Mom Straight Jean

When American Eagle says “ripped,” they aren’t joking. The ripped jean comes in two ripped styles – ripped on both legs and fabric completely missing. Both high-rise jeans don’t offer any stretch except for the waistband and will cost buyers either $52.46 for the fabric-missing style or $41.96 for the ripped-on both-legs mom jeans.

AE Patched Mom Straight Jean

These mom jeans offer a wonderful design that includes fun patches on both legs along with rips in both the front and back of the jeans. The jeans themselves do not stretch except for the comfortable waistband and they are high-rise with a single button fly. They are priced at $59.96 on American Eagle.

AE Strigid Mom Straight Jean

Rigid in the front and stretchy in the back. These jeans are high-rise with a single button fly. This is a very popular mom jean with the retailer and costs $52.46.


American Eagle Mom Jeans

As the name suggests, American Eagle Curvy Mom Jeans are designed for ample curves. Ladies will find these jeans with more room throughout the hips and thighs for more comfort and mobility. Although they are built for curvy women, they do not lose any of the American Eagle styles.

AE Stretch Curvy Mom Jean

As with the straight jean, the Stretch Curvy Mom Jean also comes in two “ripped” styles. Both are high-rise and both have what American Eagle calls their limitless waistband. The difference between these two styles is one simply has more rips in it than the other and they also run at either $52.46 or $44.96 depending on style.

AE Stretch Curvy Mom Jean – These mom jeans are built for curves. They are high-waisted, tapered, and ankle-skimming with plenty of room through the hips and thighs. These have a single-button fly and cost just $37.46 on American Eagle.


American Eagle Mom Jeans

Ladies, if you are shy about showing off your belly button, then these mom jeans were designed for you. They offer the highest waist while still keeping the wonderful designs. These styles are currently only available to purchase online.

AE Stretch Highest Waist Mom Jean

This highest-rise, single-button fly jean comes with a tapered, ankle-skimming fit. The jean has some stretch to them, making for a comfortable day. As another very popular style, these will cost you only $37.46

AE Highest Waist Mom Jean

These are classic cotton denim jeans that offer no stretch. Tapered, ankle-skimming, and rigid, they come equipped with a double-button fly. They are currently priced at $44.96 on American Eagle.

AE Ripped Highest Waist Mom Jean

If you like the highest waist feel with a ripped look, these are your mom jeans. Like most American Eagle ripped mom jeans, there are a couple of different levels of the rip. The highest waist offers three levels, and all three costs $44.96.


American Eagle Mom Jeans

What goes around typically comes around again and for mom jeans, they are back in style. The younger generation has caught on and American Eagle’s designs that include different levels of waist height, curve appeal, and rips in the jeans, are to their liking. Of course, they are called mom jeans for a reason and moms still find these jeans attractive as well.

While American Eagle is one big brand that has wonderfully designed mom jeans, you can find other popular brands on Amazon as well. Prices will vary but they will also be very comparable to American Eagle.