The Absolute Worst Places To Have A First Date

Some of the worst locations for a first date include McDonald’s, the movie theater, going to a restaurant for dinner, staying home, and going to a parent's house.

By Ryan Clancy | Updated

first date

So the nerve-racking first date is upon you? Where is the best place to take your new love match on your first date? On Reddit, a debate commenced when a user asked would McDonald’s be ok to take someone on a first date. Many people had very strong feelings about this question. One person stated that it would be perfect if you were on a pre-teen date, while most people noted that the person should revise their plans and take their date somewhere else. 

On further research, a lot of people feel the same way about McDonald’s being a no-no on a first date. In the UK, a survey was conducted with over 11,000 people about the worst first date they have been on, and the results are shocking. The top spot went to the cinema, surprisingly. Over 20 percent stated that the cinema is a really bad location despite it being one of the prominent first-date locations. In second as the worst date location, with 13 percent of the votes, was McDonald’s, unsurprisingly.

On a first date, most people try to promote the best version of themselves and impress their counterparts; since McDonald’s is known for being cheap and cheerful, it does not give off the best impression. Along with the cost, it is usually noisy and full of children, which does not scream “I would like to get to know you” and promote intimacy. 

Other ill-fated first-date locations that rounded off the top five include staying at home, going to a parent’s house, and visiting a restaurant, which is definitely not expected. 

With some locations like the cinema and a restaurant ranking higher as a bad date location than a funeral, it promotes more questions than answers. Indeed, McDonald’s is better than an open casket and mourning families, but the people have voted, and the results speak for themselves. 

When it comes to a restaurant date, people state that it may be too intense for a first date; a more casual drinks date would be a better alternative as you do not need to sit with a person for an extended period of time regardless of whether you click or not. 

So if all the traditional first-date locations, like the cinema or a restaurant, rank in the top five worst places, where do young people actually go on that all-important primary date? While a lot of people seem to be picky about the first date location, one icon could change people’s opinions. Dolly Parton had her first date with her husband at McDonald’s, and they have been married for well over 50 years. If Dolly was happy with McDonald’s as a first date, then we should all be happy.

So maybe it is more the person who you have your date with rather than the location. Do not get bogged down on where you go on a first date, and just try and enjoy the time and get to know this new person in your life, even if it is at McDonald’s.