Why One Hat Business Is Wildly Popular

The Turquoise Feather Hat Company has surged in popularity in the tiny town of Wylie, Texas by storm due to its unique business model that ensures no two hats are alike.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

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Put those stories of mass layoffs and labor shortages on the back burner and embrace a feel-good story at least one time this year. When a small business succeeds, we all succeed. An entrepreneurial spirit makes up the United States, and when someone keeps that dream going, it’s like a win for everyone. And in this women-owned hat business in Texas, women wear the pants, and the hats.

According to The Sachse News, despite being a relatively new business in a Texas town, The Turquoise Feather Hat Company already has a business event schedule and has sold many hats that bring flair and a bit of uniqueness to the wearer. Interestingly, this hat business caters just to women and has expanded that strategy to running a “hat bar” where the majority of patrons are women at their hat business. 

The hat business was born after two full-time moms shared their passion for going to hat trade shows and women’s accessories. The hat business is located in Wylie, Texas, and is only one month old. However, it has already booked events up to April and had a special event at the Landon Winery on February 3. Insiders have called it quite the success. 

The female-owned enterprise has a unique business model that allows the customer to create her own hat so that there are no two hats from this hat business that are exactly the same. Plus the patrons can create hats that go with special outfits or for more of an everyday look. This small business even accessorized a bride and her entire bridal party with unique fedora-styled hats. 

Hats are also locally made by friends and family of the entrepreneurs to be sold in the shop. The owners of the hat shop hope that folks in surrounding town will notice the hats and brings more customers and events into the store. The two owners are now interested in the idea of ‘hat bars’ where folks get together, create their own hats and socialize. 

The small-business owners of the hat shop are extremely community focused and have plans to build their shop larger so they can start giving back to their community and its local organizations. The hat business owners say that their hats are appropriately priced for those who live in their community. Hats range between $125 to $135 and can be purchased with a $15-dollar hat box. For hats purchased online, the hats come with feathers where the new owner can place them as they see fit.

Small business owners had worked hard to come up with gimmicks and events to get folks to ‘buy local’. Some businesses gave away free cookies while some gave discounts on Small Business Saturday,. The best benefit of shopping local is helping your own community and knowing that your money goes directly to the owner. That owner may even be your neighbor! This small hat business has also skirted around a possible issue with warehouse space with their unique business model. Because folks come in to create their own hats, they don’t have to stock completed hats in a place that competes with larger businesses. This has been a recent issue causing disruptions to both local and international supply chains.