Less Than Half Of All US Citizens Can Identify Every US State On A Blank Map, Are You One of Them?

A total of 45 percent of people who play a game called Sporcle cannot even name the US states.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

Us states

Apparently, geography is not America’s strong point. Results from a few different sources revealed that the majority of people could not identify states on a blank map, and additionally, people couldn’t even name most US states. Maybe it’s time for people to brush up on those geography skills.  

An interactive game on a trivia site called Sporcle gives players a limited amount of time to simply name as many US states as possible. Among the players, 45 percent could not name all the states. One thing to note about this app is that it is unclear whether these players were from around the globe or based in the United States.  

If players were from countries outside the red, white, and blue country and were unable to name all the states, that might make sense. Citizens of the United States surely should be able to name each state. People who immigrate to the US have to go through rigorous testing of US facts, so people born in the country should be able to name the states at a minimum.  

A survey of 400 people asked participants to draw an outline of the United States and the results were comical and scary. Basically, almost no one could do it. While others tried, most people simply said they couldn’t, gave up, or butchered their attempt. 

Most Americans claim to be full of pride for the United States. In actuality, they don’t even have basic knowledge of states, let alone laws, or rights. This is a sad reality as America likes to name itself a powerhouse.

How You Can Educate Yourself On US States

If you are interested in learning more about the US States, there are many ways to learn. First, it starts with a willingness and a desire to learn. If you have that, then nothing can stop you. 

There is a simple children’s song, Fifty Nifty United States, that can help one to learn all the US states in alphabetical order. The tune is simple and catchy. After a few listens, a person is likely to have picked it up and recite all the states.

Another way to learn more about the states is by playing games. There are several old-fashioned board games centered around the United States that are fun for the whole family. Playing games that provide an educational element makes learning easier, and facts stick. 

A trip to your local Target or a few typed words in Amazon’s search bar can provide many results for US state games. In addition to board games, those interested in gaining knowledge can play games on the phone or the computer. Learning doesn’t have to be boring, it can and should be fun and engaging. 

To go beyond being able to name the states, one could begin learning facts about the state that they live in. Take a deep dive into your state’s history and make the most out of it. When was your state formed? What is its capital, state bird, song, and what famous people came from there? You may find deeply interesting tidbits that part an even greater interest in learning.