TikTok Ads Can Help Your Business, Here’s How

Leveraging TikTok ads can help give businesses more visibility due to its user base of one billion active members.

By Ryan Clancy | Updated

Social media is a platform that many businesses can utilize to advertise their business. One of the most popular social media outlets is TikTok. In 2022, it had one billion active users subscribing to it, which is a massive customer base for any company. TikTok can help boost any business if its videos get enough exposure.

Several top brands, such as Guess and eBay, use TikTok as a way to reach their customer base. All these brands naturally fit TikTok’s format as they have something to present in a short video, such as a new handbag or lipstick. A lot of information about the brand can be shown in a short clip. If your business sells a physical object, then TikTok is a perfect fit.

For businesses that sell a service rather than a product, advertising on TikTok is a little harder but not impossible if you are willing to get creative. Counseling services, for example, can use the short TikTok videos to share insightful facts about mental health as an example and promote their business that way. It is not as obvious but can still be effective.

There are several different advertisement formats that can be used on TikTok, including in-feed video, which is an advertisement that appears on the user’s news feed, brand takeover; this advertisement takes over the whole screen for a few minutes and then automatically goes into an in-feed video ad and spark ads; companies can sponsor organic advertisements that relate to their brand.

There are also image, video, pangle, branded AR content, sponsored influencer content, and carousel advertisements available on the platform, depending on what your business sells and how you want to perceive it.

Once you have decided that TikTok would be the perfect advertising outlet for your brand, you can set up an account using the TikTok Ads Manager. Follow the signing-up process by filling in your basic information. Once approved, you can log into your dashboard to create your advertisements.

TikTok advertisements vary in price, but campaign-level budgets start at $50 per day, and ad group-level budgets start at $20 per day.

If you can get your TikTok advertising correct, it will increase your productivity and sales massively. Some brands have excellent campaigns, including Chipotle, Kroger, and Experian.

Chipotle released a fun and creative campaign for Halloween that included a “BOOrito” and several well-known influencers.

Kroger was one of the primary businesses involved in the “Hashtag Challenge Plus”, which allows users to shop their merchandise on the app. This type of advertising encouraged user participation which is a quick and easy way to shop.

Experian decided to go for the simple but effective option. Its in-feed advertisement showed a simple text conversation between friends, which included the benefits of using Experian. It is simple, but it puts the brand front and center.

TikTok is an effective advertising tool for any business if they are willing to get creative and think outside the box. Once you gain a following, the world is your oyster.