Taylordle – Wordle For Swifties?

Taylordle is a new version of Wordle that is themed around singer/songwriting superstar Taylor Swift.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Updated

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Alright, Wordle addicts, good news. At the start of 2022, another spin-off of the viral computer game dropped. Since you may have been too busy playing the countless other versions, we will tell you about it. One of the newest Wordle-inspired games to pop up is Taylordle. And if you guessed that it has something to do with Taylor Swift, you would be right. The game is centered entirely around the popular singer’s songs and her general world.

So, if you are a Swiftie, you’ve got Taylordle in the bag. You can snag the unofficial game online to test your Taylor Swift knowledge. Make sure to get your friends or co-workers involved in a little (friendly) competition.


If you need more than “because Taylor Swift songs” to convince you, read on. Taylordle combines everyone’s favorites: Wordle, Taylor Swift’s hits, and the game Swiftle. You can play it online, or download it so you have it handy whenever you’re stuck in line somewhere.

Taylordle features a variety of puzzle options – ranging from four-letter words to eight-letter words. Players get six tries to guess the word and solve the puzzle. And, if you are lucky enough to guess the word of the day, Taylordle allows you to share your bragging rights on Twitter.

While Taylordle is specifically marketed to Taylor Swift fans (known as Swifties), anyone can play. That means it is perfect for those who love winning at trivia games. What better way to increase your trivia knowledge than by playing an offshoot of Wordle?

The game does progress from easy puzzles. As you solve each puzzle, the next rounds get increasingly difficult. But, never fear — the website offers tips and tricks to help you out.

Additionally, as you guess words in Taylordle, the tile colors change to highlight how close (or far) your guess was. Green indicates a letter also in the word of the day and in the correct space. Yellow means you at least got a letter right, and gray means you missed the mark completely.

Like the original Wordle, Taylordle features a new word every day. While the words technically revolve around the entire Swift franchise, most are from her song lyrics. So, if you don’t guess today’s puzzle right, hit play on your Taylor Swift playlist and start studying! 


If you search for Taylordle, you will come across some conflicting information. That is because the original game is (sadly) defunct.  The hosts of the Holy Swift podcast launched the original Taylordle in January 2022.

And they kept it as close to the original Wordle as possible, including using five-letter words. Unfortunately, that meant the game’s founders ran out of words rapidly. In June 2022, they tweeted the sad news that they had to shut the game down. 

The tweet read, “Hey y’all. As most of you know, Taylordle is not our full-time job and there are only so many valid words we haven’t already used in the past 5+ months.” It was sad news indeed for Swifties.

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Thankfully, some decent alternatives cropped up in the last few months.

You can find one version here. And another here. Both use the four- to eight-word puzzles discussed above. 


If you stumbled on this Taylordle post while searching for all things Swiftie, but have never played Wordle, here is a quick overview. The viral word game was developed by Josh Wardle nearly a decade ago. But Wardle did not release it publicly until October 2021. 

Every day, there is a new word for players to uncover. The daily words get chosen at random. And each has five letters. That sounds fairly easy, right? In theory, yes. But in reality, there are 2,309 possibilities every day.

And players only have six chances to hunt for the hidden word. Don’t worry. Wordle comes equipped with handy clues to help you on your puzzle-solving journey.

After you guess a word, the puzzle highlights a letter with specific color-coded hints. A letter lit up with green means that you not only got the letter right, but it is also in the same location in the mystery word. And if you guessed the right letter, only in the wrong spot, it will showcase a brilliant yellow. 

Like Taylordle, the sheer simplicity of the game, combined with the surprising challenge it offers, ensures millions of players come back every day. Some estimates suggest there are nearly three million active users worldwide. And the popularity of the game has made room for many similar versions, such as Taylordle.


If you cannot get enough of the Wordle offshoots like Taylordle, don’t worry. There are plenty of options to occupy your time while you wait for the new daily Wordle to drop. Some highly creative game developers have branched out to create challenging new games based on the original hit. Take a look at two of these brilliant puzzle-solving challenges. 


While I’m sold by the crazy name alone, you may need some more convincing to hop on the Octordle bandwagon. This twist is very similar to the original game. But it offers new, mind-bending challenges. 

Every Octordle game requires the player to solve eight words, rather than the traditional one. However, it is not as easy as it may sound. Players only have 13 attempts to guess all eight words. 

Additionally, this newer version boasts themed challenges, daily sequences, and two paid subscription levels. The latter is relatively unique in the Wordle game universe. But if you have the cash to spare … it may be worth the investment.


Like Taylordle for Swifties, SWordle is calling all Star Wars fans! Put your fan knowledge to the test with this version of Wordle. SWordle was designed with Star Wars aficionados in mind.

Players have six chances to guess the five-letter Star War universe-related word. Now, it may seem that you may run out of options quickly. However, the creators of this fun version made sure there were ample options to keep you guessing for a long time.

So you may want to start brushing up on your lingo and droid names if you want to move onto the next level. With a list of over 14,000 words, players have their work cut out. But don’t worry, every SWordle game features a Wiki link allowing players to beef up their knowledge.