SWordle – Wordle For Star Wars

Have you played Swordle yet? The Wordle game for Star Wars lovers? It's incredibly challenging even for huge fans.

By Doug Norrie | Published


Not long ago in a galaxy not too far away (here on Earth actually), there was a game created that was so simple in its structure and style that it easily caught on with the masses and eventually started an entire movement. That was Wordle and it took the internet by relative storm over the course of the last year. Because it was such a simple venture and the mechanics were easy to repeat, a number of different tangentially related games have cropped up over the short term looking to satiate the appetite for those looking to test their knowledge or prowess in different subjects. One of them is SWordle which doesn’t have to do with Swords or S-words but something much, much better. That’s right, it’s Wordle for Star Wars and George Lucas fans are going to want to check this thing out for sure.

And SWordle is joining a growing list of games around all different kinds of themes like Foodle for the culinary folks, Globle for the world travelers, the Poeltl game for basketball fans, Heardle for music lovers and much more. 

We’ll take a stroll through SWordle, how it incorporates the Star Wars universe, whether you need the Force to actually play the game, if you’ll go to the Dark Side if spending too much time on guesses, and everything else in between. 


As with all of these things, there’s always a hero journey or an origin story. For this group of games, from which SWordle is derived, the first came from Josh Wardle who created Wordle back in 2021. The game took off rather quickly for a couple of key reasons. The first is that it is incredibly and remarkably simple. One needs just to have a basic grasp of the English language, some vocabulary, and an internet connection to start rolling. Each day Wordle players log in and attempt to guess a five-letter word in six guesses. There are hints along the way with each guess providing some clues around what the final word could be. If a letter is marked green then it is in the correct spot in the final word. If it’s yellow then you have the right letter but in the wrong place. Gray? Try again, because that letter isn’t in the mix.

While Wordle would feel like a game that could just come along and disappear just as quickly, that isn’t what happened at all. It caught on with the masses and soon folks were sharing their daily results with friends and really anyone else out there in the social media sphere. Eventually, The New York Times came calling and purchased Wordle to put up on their own website (for free). It’s been rumored they paid Wardle somewhere around $1 million dollars for the pleasure and those dollar signs were probably all anyone else needed to see when it came to starting another version of the game. SWordle is one of those.



Star Wars junkies are going to love SWordle, a game geared solely to five-letter words in this universe and franchise. Now, your first inclination or question might be to wonder whether there are even enough five-letter words in this theme to make the game engaging. Short answer: it sure seems that way. The good folks at SWordle have even provided the relevant word list because there are just so many. It’s shocking even just how many options there are. They’ve included numbered words as well to describe different droids, characters, and regions so the options appear almost limitless.

SWordle works almost identical to Wordle in that players must choose a five-letter Star Wars word in six guesses. They’ve done a good job with the graphics here to bring it in line with the franchise and the gameplay works in an intuitive way. Green is correct, yellow is close, etc. 

But because the SWordle word list is so incredibly long, there even have seen fit to offer a hint to the answer to help you along the way. This game requires deep (and I mean deep) Star Wars knowledge to even have a chance. And even then things are going to get tough. Again, they’ve mined the galaxy to come up with words and numbers that are associated with the franchise in some form or fashion. There are 14,000 words to choose from. So we’ve got more than 38 years of daily words right now and that’s if Star Wars doesn’t keep adding movies, series, books, and the like.

And after SWordle players either guess the final clue or have to be provided it at the end, no worries if you are wondering how the answer plays into the franchise. SWordle provides a link to a wiki that will tell you everything you need to know about the character, place, or whatever it is in the Star Wars universe. This is a comprehensive game.


Want to give the creator of SWordle some love? You can follow @Aurebeshfiles on Twitter. Aurebesh is a reference to the standard language in the Galaxy for Star Wars. The game itself was made by David Lozzi and Lewis Forman.

And if you are feeling generous, the group has set up a Patreon page to support their offering with actual cold hard cash. There are six levels in all which provide different tiers of support and other odds and ends. In all, Star Wars fans are going to love this game and I would bet even the total experts in the field will have trouble with some of these answers. There are just so many.