Wordle Bot – How Does This AI Tool Help Your Wordle Game?

Wordle Bot is an AI tool that helps to analyze the performance of your Wordle game on a daily basis.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published

Wordle fans rejoice! Wordle bot, your personal AI virtual assistant, has gotten even better. Players received news that the nifty tool just got a few updates, so you can get even more help improving your Wordle-solving skills!

The New York Times first introduced the Wordle bot in April of this year. It rolled out shortly after the publication acquired Wordle in February. And the sole purpose of the unique bot is to help players assess their skills, track their progress, and improve their chances of solving the puzzle. 

If you have not yet jumped on the Wordle train, you are missing out. The online word puzzle game has taken the world by storm for the past year. It provides a unique daily challenge for players who keep returning for more.


wordle bot

Maybe that was enough to pique your interest and get you started on your own Wordle journey. If so, you may consider tapping into a relatively new resource – Wordle bot. It is an AI tool that got launched in April of this year. 

Wordle bot boasts a dictionary of approximately 4500 words most commonly found in speech. And thus, most likely to be used by players. It uses that vocabulary bank and analytical programming to analyze your Wordle performance.

Plus, thanks to the most recent updates, it now also provides examples of good words to start your game off. For players using the regular mode, the Wordle bot updated its recommendation from Crane to Slate. And in hard mode, the recommended starting word is now “least” rather than “dealt.” 

After the Wordle bot analyzes your game, it gives you a score – or a grade – from 0 to 99. Then it offers step-by-step guidance to show you where your missteps were. If you want to solve your daily Wordle puzzle in as few steps as possible, the Wordle bot will help.  

wordle bot

But what exactly do those scores mean? Well, zero is the lowest, as you may expect. The Wordle bot assigns you this score if you guess a word twice, which is the equivalent of skipping a turn.

In contrast, 99 is the highest score you can receive. And it reflects what Wordle bot views as the most efficient choice. In reality, you will likely fall somewhere in between these two extremes.


New York Time staff dreamed up Wordle bot well before the publication acquired Wordle. They ultimately developed it to help Wordle players view the game through a more analytical lens. 

Anyone can use the Wordle bot to boost their chances and improve their performance. Just visit the Wordle Companion after completing a round. But it does work best if you use the same browser you played Wordle on.

When you enable cookies on your browser, the Wordle bot can analyze your most recently completed game. But you can also get its help on that game from a few months back that you can’t stop thinking about. Just upload a screenshot and let the analysis begin.

And while Wordle Bot can help you understand where you went wrong, it cannot help out in the middle of an active puzzle. So you don’t have to worry about feeling like you cheated. (Nor can you cheat if that’s your jam).

It works in both regular and hard modes. So, if you decide to increase your challenge, you can still get help.

And the best part? It’s free for subscribers to Times News, Games, or All Access! So why not take advantage of a built-in advisor of sorts?


Here is a brief rundown of Wordle in case you have yet to try the game out. It was developed in 2013 but not publicly released for nearly another decade. Then in October 2021, its developer, Josh Wardle, launched Wordle for the first time. It’s doubtful even then he envisioned a game in which a Wordle Bot would be available to help players.

The purpose of Wordle is simple in theory – uncover the word of the day. But in practice, it is a slightly more challenging task. Each one is five-letters and gets chosen at random every 24 hours. It’s one of the reasons Wordle Bot is so effective in improving scores.

So, every day the game has a new hidden word. And Wordle enthusiasts have to find a single needle in a 2,309-word haystack. The only problem is – you only have six shots to get it right and uncover the hidden word.

That doesn’t sound like a lot. But you are not completely on your own. The puzzle offers clues with each guess you make.

When you guess a word whose letter is in the same spot as it is for the mystery word, it gets highlighted with green. And if your chosen word has one of the mystery word letters but is in the wrong spot, it gets highlighted with a yellow. You can then use these clues to help determine your future guesses.

It provides a challenge similar to other puzzle games. However, you either solve it or you don’t. And that has many players utterly addicted. 


But if your puzzle-solving mission no longer provides the challenge you’d like (especially with Wordle Bot), never fear. Brilliant and talented developers have designed some challenging alternatives. Many of these incorporate similar concepts but layer in additional challenges – we explore two of them below.


This perfect combination of Wordle and Sudoku will leave you scratching your head. It uses the same five-letter base. Only there are spaces for four words. 

Plus, the pre-fill the final word for you. Your mission is to fill in the other three words using the clues you provided. So, unlike the original Wordle, Crosswordle has you solving three words that are only related by a shared letter or two.  


Globle is a newer offshoot of Wordle that will test the limits of your geographical knowledge. Your goal is to guess a specific country. And you only have a few guesses to get it right.

You start by guessing a country at random. Then, Globle highlights your chosen country ranging from red to yellow, indicating how “hot” or “cold” you are. That means you are getting a bit of a geography lesson while trying to solve a puzzle, which is great news for map enthusiasts.