What You Should Never Order When Dining At A Steakhouse

The least healthy items to order at a steakhouse include ribs, fried chicken, and most appetizers like Outback's famous Bloomin' Onion due to their high caloric, sodium, and fat content.

By Crystal Murdock | Published

When it has been a hard long week and you are ready to cut loose and eat out at your favorite steakhouse but you want to keep the meal on the lower side of calories there are menu items you should “steer” clear of. The majority of classic American steakhouse staples are very high in sodium, saturated fat, total fat, and overall calories. These steakhouses also like to stay appealing to customers by serving food portions that are more suitable for more than one person to eat. 

You also may not be too surprised to learn the unhealthiest of options on the steakhouse menu are typically the pregame starters or appetizers, reported those over at Eat This. Even more surprising may be the options that are oddly health favorable are the steak dishes and not the homestyle fried chicken with a good ol’ side of mashed potatoes. There are pitfalls you can avoid next time you are at your favorite steakhouse restaurant to help keep your calorie counting on track. 

The menu item that ranks as the number one worst dish to order for healthy-savvy consumers is the ribs. It doesn’t matter if they are beef or pork ribs, this American steakhouse favorite is packed full of high calories, saturated fat, and sodium that surpasses all other popular dishes. In plain black and white print that would be over 1300 calories for just an order of baby back pork ribs and that large number does not include any of the delicious sides. 

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Another popular steakhouse menu item that ranked on the list of no no’s, is the French Dip sandwich, mainly for the punch it’s packing with an estimated 3,230 milligrams of sodium. Next, any health-conscious consumers will want to stay away from ordering anything that is fried, even on the list of appetizers. The ever-so-popular Bloomin’ Onion from the Outback Steakhouse is on the top of the list of other steakhouse menu items to avoid at all costs if you are watching your waistline and blood pressure with 1,620 calories, 41 grams of saturated fat, 41 grams of fat and 4,140 milligrams of sodium. 

If you take the time to consider all of the above factors, the best bet for healthier options when ordering at your favorite steakhouse is to pick from the steak meal options and choose any cut of meat that has “round” or “loin” in the name. These are the leaner options compared to a filet mignon, T-bone, or ribeye, and try sticking to ordering a side of basic vegetables or a house salad with extra veggies which are high in protein. Also, remember to stay on the lighter side of portions and pick a cut of meat that is smaller in size so as to not overeat.  

All of these steps just might make your night out on the town less stressful when it comes to your overall health, keeping the calorie counts down and wanting to satisfy that craving for a meal from your favorite steakhouse.