How To Get A Jump On Your Spring Cleaning

Learn the best ways to tackling the oh-so-daunting task of spring cleaning

By Rick Gonzales | Published

spring cleaning

Ahhh. The sun is shining, the clouds are few, and the sky is that shade of blue that tells us change is on its way. You look outside and see the flowers are in bloom. If that isn’t enough, a simple stroll to the outdoors starts that dreaded sneezing frenzy. Yes, spring is in the air, and with it, the annual ritual of spring cleaning.

To some, spring cleaning may be the bane of their existence. If the simple thought of cleaning the dishes after a particularly heavy meal sends shivers through your spine, then spring cleaning might hit a 7.5 on the cleaning Richter scale. Spring cleaning, for those who may not be aware, is the task one (hopefully the “one” has helpers) takes on when the cold weather turns warmer, and the ENTIRE house needs a good cleansing. Some may look at it as the exorcism of dirt and grim. Peace be with you.

To others, though, it is a chance to start fresh. Purge the old, the ragged, the worn, the tired, and bring life to the staleness that winter wrought. It can be an exciting time for some. It can be a time of change, especially if you had your eye on a new kitchen addition or a chance to dump that old, uncomfortable, poorly flushing toilet for something with zest and power.

Spring cleaning can take on many different forms. For some, spring cleaning is a simple sponge and hot water run over countertops and inside sinks, then call it a day. For others, spring cleaning is pretty much pulling apart every appliance imaginable, moving every piece of furniture, and looking inside every air vent to make sure not one stone is left unturned.


spring cleaning

So, what’s the best way to begin your spring cleaning? How do you get that good jump start? One of the smartest ways, it’s been said, is to do something with the clutter. You know, the things that have been laying around since the first drop of rain hit the pavement last fall.

Simple decluttering solution – two piles. Go from room to room and create two simple spring cleaning declutter piles in each. One pile will be items (clothing, toys, etc.) that you feel are still in good enough shape to go to Good Will. Donate those babies. The other pile will be items that are completely worn or broken. Things you know you will never be able to resurrect. This pile may be tough for some as most of you are pack rats and have issues with getting rid of things. But we have faith, as should you. Peace be with you.


Say what? Yes, a pen and paper will come in handy for your next task. But first, let’s take a moment to recognize that the clutter has officially been decluttered. A pat on the back will suffice. Now, with pen and paper in hand, it is time to start that spring cleaning list. It is easy to have goals in mind, but once you put them down on paper, they become a reality.

Take a look around. As you did with decluttering, do the same when preparing for the spring-cleaning event. Take notes and set goals. What do you want to accomplish in each room? Is your spring clean going to be a deep dive? If so, how deep? Are you just going to need a snorkel or are you going all in and grabbing the full scuba gear?

Here are a couple of notes you may want to note when noting the items you wish to spring clean. These may be areas that don’t get much playtime so you may not consider them right off the bat.

  • Inside your washing machine
  • Those pesky overhead ceiling fans can get very dusty
  • Same with the inside of light fixtures
  • The area around the air vents
  • Windowsills
  • Door frames and molding
  • Behind the refrigerator and the refrigerator coils
  • The yuckiness behind the toilet

Make your notes carefully. Remember, this is YOUR spring clean, make it all you want it to be. You are now ready for the next phase.


spring cleaning

Okay, clutter has been decluttered. Notes have been noted. Your plan of attack has been set. Now you’re ready to pounce like the apex predator you truly are. But wait, aren’t you forgetting something? Many somethings, perhaps?

How can you go into spring cleaning battle without the proper gear? And by gear, we are talking about your cleaning supplies. Chances are, after a long winter of neglect and limited cleaning, your supplies may be scattered across the house. That or they have been collecting dust under the kitchen sink.

Either way, you need to hightail it and start putting your cleaning supplies together. Grab what you need for the bathrooms. That oven isn’t going to just clean itself, well, unless you have one of those fancy self-cleaning ovens. But even then, a little extra elbow grease and love never hurt anyone.

The bottom line here is to get your tools in order. Take another gander at your spring cleaning list and then start to earmark which supply goes with what room. This task shouldn’t take long, and you may thank yourself once again for your amazing forethought.


Look, we all know what a true spring cleaning looks like. Blood, sweat, and plenty of tears. If you have kids and plan to use them, there is probably a good amount of yelling as well. But don’t let it get to you. Have fun with it.

Undoubtedly you or your children, have some sort of pricey audio device and an ungodly expensive speaker. This is what you paid four arms and seven legs for. Use it and, we are not afraid to say, abuse it. Find your favorite singer or band, you know the ones that have your kids saying, “what the frick is that?” Our first (and only) suggestion would be to blast the late and great Meat Loaf, but whatever makes spring cleaning into spring fun will work.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, though seriously, that is all it is. Many chores. But, if you prepare properly, declutter to the best of your ability, take good notes, and put together a tush-kicking cleaning supply kit, you too can come out on the other side virtually unscarred. Good luck and again, peace be with you.