Beats Is Bringing Back A Discontinued Product

By Joseph Farago | Published

Beats is finally bringing back a customer favorite. The Beats Pill, an iconic speaker system from the illustrious headphone company, is only being revived for a limited time. The Apple-owned brand will be partnering with street-fashion clothing line Stüssy to add a sleek, edgy design to the resurrected product. Check it out below.

beats pill

The Beats Pill+ was recently discontinued in the early months of 2022. The brand heard the negative customer response and began constructing its limited-release edition. A highly-favored customer choice in the Apple Store, the tech company would be foolish not to consider a Beats Pill reintroduction. The newest speaker will feature skull and bones designs and Stüssy’s logo printed on the back. The Beats Pill+ offers its state-of-the-art Bluetooth connection and high-quality signature sound.

Though the Pill was a popular speaker under the renowned headphone brand, the Pill+ was the first to be distributed and manufactured under Apple. The newest model had unique features, including DJ Mode, which connects two phones to the speaker giving multiple people access to the queue. The Pill+ was also favored for its ability to pair with other Beats speakers, changing your whole home into a connected speaker system.

The Pill+ reinvention will be available starting March 4th on the Beats website. The first models will be available for $185, far less than the original Beats Pill at $230. Those who would like to purchase the Stüssy collaboration have to act fast since Apple and Beats have not yet decided on the number of speakers available. This will also be the last time to buy Beats Pills, so if you’d like a brand new Beats device, this is your chance.

beats pill

The original Pill+ was debuted in 2015, significantly advancing the franchise’s earlier speakers. The Pill+ was made with two-way crossover tech, with high-class tweeters and woofers for quality sound from any genre. The makers also updated the bass for the Pill+, something that the earlier models lacked heavily. The Pill+ is also more long-lasting than its earlier counterparts, with 12 hours of battery power before needing a recharge.

The Beats Pill was popularized in 2014 by rap sensation Nicki Minaj. Minaj released her hit single “Pills N’ Potions,” which prominently featured the speaker system in her music video. Though the first edition of the Beats Pill had some insufficiencies, the song’s popularity pushed the miniature speaker into mass success. Due to its quick escalation into stardom, Apple and Beats decided to upgrade to higher-grade technology. Now, the speaker system is a household name with a famous figure attached to the brand, as well.  

For big fans of the portable speaker who missed out on buying it fresh in the Beats store, the Stüssy-influenced device will surely make customers ecstatic. The product’s resurgence will have all the characteristics that made the product a go-to system for Apple supporters. Many believe this product will only be available for a limited time, so avid customers should purchase the Beats Pill+ as soon as possible.